5-minute update

Published on 27/05/2019 in Inspire

5-minute update

Little time, but still need a digital update? Then this section can help, full of striking figures and facts to ensure you are future-proof.

In 1920, the average life of a company was 67 years, today it is barely 15.

Future focused work in the cloud

  • Lower costs: you pay monthly based on how much storage space you need.
  • Greater flexibility: grows along with your company.
  • More mobility: accessible always and from anywhere.
45% of all companies barely know how customers come into contact with them digitally.

Source: McKinsey

Optimal protection

Haystack is a global research agency with 70 employees. As a fast-growing SME it sought a partner to manage and optimize its entire ICT.

The availability and security of data are crucial for Haystack. For that reason, they chose the same back-up and disaster recovery solution as large corporations. Proximus-partner SpearIT sought and found the perfect cloud solution.

Find out all about it from www.proximus-spearit.be/nl-be/Home/Onze-Klanten/Haystack


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