Digital Belgium

by One magazineNews09/06/2015

Digital Belgium


The Belgian government wants to use its Digital Belgium plan to prepare the country and its citizens for far-reaching digitalization. By 2020, all contact with the government must go through digital pathways. But there is still work to do.

In an opinion piece Eddy Van der Stock, director of the Flemish IT organization (V-ICT-OR), pointed out that achieving Belgium’s digital ambitions requires more than just a digital portal and open data. “The new plans do not contain the core principle of an Open Standard for Linked Administrations (OSLO). Software suppliers will not let their systems communicate through open standards until the various authorities unite together. More proportionate representation in the task force from all domains, including local government authorities, would have been desirable. Fragmented initiatives whereby everyone promotes their own e-gov story is detrimental to the end result.”

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