The ultimate HR asset: a digital workplace

Published on 06/05/2019 in News

The ultimate HR asset: a digital workplace

A smoother collaboration, a more secure service, a better work-life balance for your employees ... The benefits of a digital workplace can’t be counted on just one hand! But going digital is more than implementing tools: your organization also needs change management.

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The war for the millennial

Your company is always recruiting new talent? Well that’s logical as you want to be at least as strong tomorrow. But your war for talent increasingly revolves around one type of person: the millennial. The digital native, born after 1980. By 2020 that will represent no less than 1 in 2 employees.

The fact is generation Y has a different vision of work and life: they want balance. Freedom. Autonomy. For many millennials, a good work-life balance is even the first requirement for a new job. But how should your company handle these rising expectations?

1 in 2 digital natives in Europe prefer a better work-life balance to a job with more status.

PwC, Workforce of the Future, 2017

Millennials are won over by digital

Going digital is a smart first step. In the office, at home or out and about: with the right digital tools and infrastructure you can have access to your files, apps and contacts anytime and anywhere. In this way, your employees can decide themselves where and when they will start working. The advantage for you? Smoother collaboration and a more secure service.

But a digital working environment is primarily an added value to your employees:

  • Home working and telecommuting promotes a good work-life balance.
  • You are opening the door to new collaboration methods, such as project teams and co-creation.
  • Your own social media platform or a collaboration tool such as Skype for Business promotes interaction between your employees.

In short: a good digital workplace is an extra weapon in your war for talent. It’s win win all round!

By 2020, 9 out of 10 organizations foresee applications to work remotely.

Source: Proximus

No change management? No change.

Are you ready to make your organization millennial proof? That’s great, but don’t forget about your other employees. To make your company more interactive, flexible and productive, everybody needs to be going in the same direction. Fear of the unknown, technophobia and entrenched habits often make that difficult. That is why change management is often the biggest challenge.

This was the case with Barco, a Kortrijk technology company: their move to a new office took many employees out of their comfort zone. Suddenly there was a different workplace for every kind of task or need. That took a lot of effort and communication, but it turned out to be a successful decision.

The most difficult thing about any change: your employees, your most valuable capital.

Andrew Moore, General Manager, The Digital Transformation Office, Intel’s Industry Sales Group

So you need a clear plan and approach. Most importantly, change management should not be a top-down process. Involve your employees as early as possible! Preferably before you start going digital: let them provide input themselves, express expectations, share concerns. It’s up to you to explain why change is needed. Your switch to a digital workplace will only go smoothly if your people understand the benefits.

Does everyone have the right mind-set? After “why” follows “how”. Make sure everyone understands the new way of working: provide training, manuals and appoint ambassadors. And don't forget to measure how users are adapting to the technology:

  • Are documents already shared via OneDrive or Sharepoint?
  • Are there fewer attachments in e-mails?
  • How many meetings are done via Skype?

Is your user adoption rate remaining low? Then it’s time to adjust your action plan. Because your change management can only be successful if you get all of your employees going in the same direction.

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