De Watergroep takes the plunge with Belgacom

Published on 26/03/2014 in Customer Stories

De Watergroep takes the plunge with Belgacom

At the end of 2013, De Watergroep chose Belgacom as its partner for the further modernisation and expansion of its data network.

Water chain

De Watergroep is an autonomous Flemish water company that offers products and services across the water chain. As well as supplying high-quality drinking water, the company also ensures the economically and ecologically responsible management of every link in the chain: rain water, groundwater and surface water, drinking water, process water and waste water. With over 1,400 staff and a network of pipelines stretching 30,000 km, 2.8 million clients and hundreds of companies are served every day.

Data network

When the company felt the need to modernise its data network, it chose Belgacom Explore as the IP technology. Existing and additional sites will be connected to one another and combined to create a high-performance corporate network.

Here are just some of the possibilities: monitoring and proactive management, separated traffic between the corporate network and the internet, IP-related flexible working methods, etc.

More details?

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