Dapesco customers can follow up all data perfectly with fiberglass

Published on 18/04/2016 in Customer Stories

Dapesco customers can follow up all data perfectly with fiberglass

Dapesco from Louvain-La Neuve is an energy-optimization consulting firm that offers companies and public authorities solutions to cut their energy bills. Incorporated in 2002, Dapesco has its head office in Belgium and offers its services worldwide at 15,000 sites in over 40 countries.

Every day, the company receives over a million data reports from the measuring points at its customers’ sites. It offers firms like Ikea, Auchan, Casino, L’Oreal and others across the world, measuring devices that monitor and analyze their energy consumption and store the data on servers ‘in the cloud’. This often involves millions of data items per company every day. Dapesco also works a great deal for the French and Belgian governments, according to CEO Jean-François Potelle.

The biggest challenges are bandwidth availability and a continuous connection for all users who consult or analyze data  on Dapesco’s servers. A fiberglass connection offers not only an ultra-fast connection with all energy managers in buildings but also the advantage of optimal, continuous and trouble-free transmission of all the heavy data traffic, even at peak times, no matter how high the volume. The high symmetrical capacity – for uploading and downloading – of 30Mbit/s also contributes to this. Customers are very satisfied with the fact that data now reaches Dapesco far faster and more securely without any disruption of the web application because of connection problems. Customers can track all this perfectly online. Thanks to the fiberglass connection, Dapesco can now even move from 10 to 100 measuring points per location.


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