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Make cybersecurity your top priority

Published on 03/05/2018 in Innovate

Make cybersecurity your top priority

Now that major multinationals have greatly increased their cybersecurity following the many viruses and attacks of the past few years, cybercriminals are turning their attention more and more to SMEs. How can you protect yourself against this?

According to research carried out by the Norton Cybersecurity Insight team, 34% of victims pay a ransom, but only 47% of these recover their files. Even backups are no longer sufficient, as many new hostage software programs, ransomware, now contain a ‘time bomb’ which first infects your backups unnoticed and only makes its presence known weeks or months later. Your ICT infrastructure is in danger, too. Cybercriminals can paralyze your company by sabotaging your infrastructure. Repairs can take hours or even days. Alternatively, crooks can launch cyber attacks on other companies from your infected devices. 

Everyone can protect themselves

So, what can you do about it? The GDPR rules are a good benchmark. Security solutions come in all shapes and sizes. More expensive, more complex solutions on site or cheaper, less complex solutions in the cloud. One first crucial step is to analyze your ICT infrastructure. Then you will know what you need to invest your security budget in. Do you have insufficient IT staff or does everything seem rather complicated to you? If so, external security specialists can offer a solution. They can detect attacks quickly. Including outside office hours, because hackers never sleep. And you deserve a good night’s rest.

1% of Belgian GDP stolen, that is € 4.5 billion
4,000 attacks per day in Europe
80% of European companies a victim
66% of Belgian companies a victim
9% of the victims lost more than € 10,000

Source: Cybercrime figures in 2017, Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium

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