Readers’ survey ‘Perspectief’ magazine

Published on 10/10/2016 in Inspire

Readers’ survey ‘Perspectief’ magazine

Would you like to discover new perspectives to improve your company, too? Take inspiration from articles by and the experiences of other entrepreneurs?

Business experts Pascal Cools of Flanders DC and Denis Steisel of Réseau Entreprendre Brussels give their ultimate innovation tip. Their advice: come outside and listen. Have you ever heard of a Huddle Room? Find out all about this new trend in office design in Perspectief. We also reveal the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things. This is rapidly coming within reach of every entrepreneur who wants to innovate. Peter Hinssen stresses the importance of innovation, too. He talks about ‘The Day After Tomorrow’: ideas, concepts and technologies that help you reinvent your business. 

What we at Proximus do is offer you a new perspective with technological solutions. Because our aim is to innovate and grow with you. But we want to do better all the time ourselves, as well. So we are linking a readers’ survey to this issue. 

Take part and let us know what you think on (Dutch) or (French). 

Happy reading! 


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