ConXioN makes definitive choice for SaaS offer

Published on 20/02/2015 in Customer Stories

ConXioN makes definitive choice for SaaS offer

IT partner ConXioN supplies ERP software and bookkeeping software via Software-as-a-Service. ConXioN chose Cloud vContainer as an infrastructure platform for optimal flexibility, scalability and reliability.

The company based in West Flanders traditionally delivered hardware, software and expertise to its customers, but remote management and Software-as-a-Service play an increasingly important role in its offer. Chris Debyser, ConXioN Business Manager: “In 2008 we thought very hard about a ‘new route’. We now offer our SME customers a one-stop shop for their IT needs, with their own cloud offer. We provide the ERP, the e-mail and the infrastructure at a predictable cost price per month, per user.” ConXioN has its own software department and its own ERP package, ConXioN Account.NET. This is sold or distributed at a fixed price per month, per user. The company also distributes DBFACTw, a commercial management package, via an SaaS model. It was even awarded ‘Best Dealer 2012′ by producer SAGE.

Cloud is the future
ConXioN aims to offer a total solution, including a solid service guarantee. The company depends on Proximus as provider for this. Chris Debyser: “We offer the customer an analysis, an audit, a proof of concept, a test environment…We calculate how much it will cost and eliminate all risks. This is how we bring vCloud1 to the market. The proactive maintenance and monitoring are calculated within our monthly price. Thanks to our vCloud1 technology, we manage the environment end to end, both the front and back end. Everything is diverted to our virtual environment, which means that there is no longer any equipment at the customer’s location, except thin clients, ticket printers, till printers, invoice printers, Banksys terminals etc.”

If the customer does need local applications that cannot run through the cloud, ConXioN will ensure perfect symbiosis of the cloud and the on-premises materials.

According to Chris Debyser, every future-focused IT manager chooses the cloud these days. “At the moment, a lot of people still see this as a threat. If everything is in the cloud, what will happen to me? The modern IT manager will actually become increasingly involved in the various business processes and will cooperate more with other divisions within the company. We expect that more and more companies will continue to choose a cloud approach.”

Proximus as a confidence factor
ConXioN has been active as a Proximus IT partner since 2005. Three years ago, the company began to brainstorm with Proximus about a cloud offer. After the necessary meetings and tests, the die was cast. Chris Debyser: “The name Proximus inspires confidence. Most companies already have a customer relationship with Proximus for their landline and/or mobile telephone and connectivity. If we tell our customers that their data will be stored in a Proximus redundant data center, this inspires confidence. The variety of data centers in Evere, Machelen and Mechelen is an extra advantage. Our Cloud vContainer environment is located in Machelen and Evere. These are ‘Tier-3+’ environments with redundancy at the level of the Cloud vContainer.”

Tested technology
With Cloud vContainer, ConXioN chose a tested technology with a clear vision for the future. “We don’t want to set up a help desk or ‘managed services’ department to continuously solve problems stemming from a simple or cheap platform choice. Thanks to extensive tests, we know that Cloud vContainer is a stable platform with complete redundancy. Even in the event of a major incident at the Proximus data center, the data is still stored at another location and a back-up tape is still available. This solution is also not technically possible for everyone. This was an extra reason for doing it. That way we can distinguish ourselves from the competition.” Today around 300 ConXioN business customers are connected to Cloud vContainer, including their own IT environment. “So we have become a large corporate customer of Proximus ourselves, which has only served to reinforce our relationship with them.”

 Business Benefits
  • Stable, flexible platform
  • Data safe in data center
  • Predictable monthly costs
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