Is your company a digital workplace?

Published on 11/09/2018 in Customer Stories

Is your company a digital workplace?

Why are more and more companies working digitally? It’s simple: it’s because they know they’ll work more productively. You don’t want to miss out on big opportunities, now do you? Make sure you too have a sophisticated digital strategy. With these building blocks you can make your company ready for tomorrow!

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It all starts with people

What the most important asset of your company? Your people of course. Now to get the best out of your human capital, you need to surround them with the best infrastructure possible. And that includes user-friendly programmes. Mobile access to documents and contacts. Via a flawless digital workplace.

It’s way too hard I hear you say? Not necessarily! A simple software package, like Office 365, will get you started. Complete that with a tool to share documents and ta-dah: your employees will suddenly work a lot more efficiently.

A word of caution though: proper implementation is crucial. No matter which programme is chosen. It’s also important that every employee understands the added value of the new tools. Only like that can you create the right internal support and ensure your digital switch will be smooth.

Can you rely on your infrastructure?

Besides good tools and motivated people, your digital workplace also needs the right infrastructure. That’s because mobile working is impossible without portable devices and a fast network connection. The quality of your technology … it’s where your digital work environment succeeds or falls.

Take home working for example. This is potentially highly beneficial to both employee and employer: freedom and increased autonomy, while infrastructure costs fall. Provided of course that laptop and Wi-Fi connections don’t break down. With even the smallest of problems, your employee is suddenly technically unemployed.

If you want a productive digital workplace, you need extremely reliable infrastructure. And for this you should call in an external IT specialist. The advantages?

  • You are 100% sure that your people can work anytime and anywhere
  • You can focus on your own projects and customers
  • Your company data is protected, even if one of the mobile devices is stolen or lost

Get started with these final tips!

It is important to have a good plan in place when starting the digital transformation of your company. Begin by asking the right questions:

  • What are the needs per department? Your call centre co-workers have different requirements than your accountant. Create a number of user profiles and use them to decide which tools are right for your business.
  • What know how, platforms, and data are best kept in house? Cloud solutions with an external partner simplify daily workflows and have a positive operational and financial effect.
  • How do you make the switch to your (new) digital workplace? When it comes to data, processes and people, it’s best to proceed with caution. Learning and working with new technology is important for sure, but the on-going functioning of the organization is equally important.

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