Proximus accelerates fiber deployment using co-creation

Published on 11/10/2021 in Innovate

Proximus wants to accelerate the rollout of fiber in Belgium to support Belgian companies in their digitalization efforts. This is why it is entering into a partnership with telecom companies DELTA Fiber (for rollout in Flanders) and Eurofiber (for rollout in Wallonia).

Proximus accelerates fiber deployment using co-creation

The aim of this new partnership is to combine know-how and strengths in order to accelerate the deployment of fiber in this country and thus connect the 2.4 million homes and businesses as announced for Belgium by 2025.

‘Fiberklaar' for Flanders

The new partnership with DELTA Fiber has Flanders as its operating area and has called 'Fiberklaar'. DELTA Fiber is a Dutch telecom company that has already achieved around one million connections there. In Flanders, the target is one and a half million connectable buildings.

Guillaume Boutin, Proximus’ CEO: "Partnerships are a crucial building block in our #inspire2022 strategy. We have made a clear commitment to build an open fiber network for Belgium that will act as a reference. The intended partnership with DELTA Fiber fits perfectly within this strategy. We have come to know DELTA Fiber as an agile and reliable company and we are convinced that it is the ideal partner to support the acceleration of our rollout in Flanders."

‘Unifiber' for Wallonia

In Wallonia, Proximus and Eurofiber set up the 'Unifiber' joint venture. Eurofiber is a Belgian/Dutch provider of corporate telecommunications services. The ambition here is to connect half-a-million buildings to the fiber network as quickly as possible.

We are delighted to contribute to the digitalization of the Walloon region and to team up with Proximus in this context.

Alex Goldblum, Eurofiber’s CEO

Guillaume Boutin, Proximus’ CEO: "Our fiber rollout is progressing well and the technology is now deployed in 18 Belgian cities, with over 600,000 homes and businesses already connected to date. As announced, we are currently carrying out an acceleration of the deployment that is unique in Europe. I am very pleased with this partnership with Eurofiber, which will speed up the deployment of fiber in Wallonia. Investing in the digital infrastructure in Wallonia will support economic recovery, innovation and employment, which is crucial for our competitiveness, both in Wallonia and nationally."

Alex Goldblum, Eurofiber’s CEO: "We are delighted to contribute to the digitalization of the Walloon region and to team up with Proximus in this context." We look forward to seeing the people and entrepreneurs of Wallonia being able to connect in the fastest and most reliable way possible."

Essential Gigabit Network for Businesses

These agreements represent an important step in the creation of the gigabit network for customers, employees, stakeholders and society at large. Fiber is the ultimate, energy-efficient broadband platform that allows data to be transmitted at the speed of light. It provides a stable and ultra-fast Internet experience with low latency, offering the stability and reliability that businesses need for their daily operations.

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