How do you benefit most from the cloud?

Published on 13/01/2020 in Inspire

How do you benefit most from the cloud?

The cloud offers nothing but advantages, but do not go into it unprepared. You obviously do not enter the cloud just like that. To really get the best out of the cloud, it is important that you take a number of well-informed decisions.

In the first place, you have to choose which type of cloud you want to work with. Public cloud options – such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services – sometimes seem to be the most obvious choice. However, for many companies a private cloud is the better alternative.

Public, private or hybrid cloud?

Which cloud do I choose?

Advantages of scale

The public cloud is widely known for its usability. You only pay for what you use. The services that you buy in the public cloud are in a shared environment. You can take that literally: various companies share the same physical servers. This model is advantageous in scale and cost.

Flexibility and compliance

A private cloud is geared to the specific requirements of a company in terms of flexibility, security and compliance. In a private cloud, you do not have to share your machines with other users. That can be very important for companies in strictly regulated industries, such as the banking sector.

However, a private cloud does not offer the advantages of scale of a shared infrastructure. Nevertheless, for many companies this option offers the cheapest solution. Companies are often unaware of the hidden costs incurred by the use of the public cloud, related among other things to the high volume of data. The total cost of ownership of a public cloud often becomes clear only when you receive all the invoices at the same time.

Every migration is different

The question, of course, is how do you decide what the best choice is for your company: hybrid or private cloud? You can do that first and foremost by defining your needs in terms of flexibility, security and compliance and then weighing these against the budget that you are prepared to spend. Think about the type of environment that your applications need as well.

Proximus offers private, hosted and public cloud solutions and can help you weigh up your options correctly, in line with your needs. Every migration to the cloud is different, and far from every company has the people and the experience to develop an optimal cloud strategy.

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Cloud use by Belgian companies continues to rise

Market research firm Smart Profile conducted a survey on business cloud use among 3,700 Belgian companies with more than fifty employees. This showed that of all the organizations interviewed, only 36% did not use cloud applications. In 2011, the figure was still 81%.

It should come as no surprise that almost 75% of multinationals run one or more applications in the cloud. Among companies with more than a thousand employees, this figure was 64% in 2019 (in 2018 this was just 48%). Companies with between fifty and a hundred workers come in at 65%.


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