Highlights and best of Cisco Live Barcelona!

Published on 06/03/2018 in News

Highlights and best of Cisco Live Barcelona!

On Monday 29th January 2018, Proximus was present for one of the biggest Cisco Congresses in Europe: the 27th edition of Cisco Live. Cisco Live is a big social networking event where Proximus had the chance to participate actively.

The event remains an interesting congress as it permits for everyone to peer with other people around the world. We were definitively ready to clear out the sessions for the whole week as several delegates were assisting in all tracks as Routing/Switching, Security, Datacenter, SDN/NFV, Wireless, Collaboration, … domains where Proximus is a key player on the Belgian and European market.

With over 700 sessions presented, we gathered a maximum of information related to the current Proximus portfolio but also all new perspectives that Cisco will provide us in the upcoming weeks. This way we can guarantee our partners and clients to be the first informed.

During these presentations, enhancements to products were presented to people so that customers can benefit of new hardware and software capacities (DNA Center, Meraki Wireless Health Center, Cloud Container, …). Apart from these new trends, which focus more on innovative products and solutions, some sessions also had a more troubleshooting approach in order to identify issues proactively and correct them in an efficient way for our customers.

Cisco also encourages and focuses on Automation, IoT and development. And these are definitely important subjects, which Cisco is pushing more and more.

Nowadays, we see a phenomenal augmentation of connected devices. This insight was the start of an extraordinary keynote presented by Rowan Rollotrope. During this keynote, Cisco presented the IBN foundation (Intent Based Networking), which is defined by the following pillars:

  • Security: more IoT and connected devices means more threats. Therefore, we need to consider a top-notch secured network.
  • Reinventing the network: more devices, stands for more data. Therefore, a more intuitive network (easily to configure) is key.
  • Embrace a multi-cloud infrastructure: a network is no longer a dedicated solution, so network providers need to be ready to connect on-premises infrastructure with cloud solutions.
  • Unlock the power of data: with the rise of connected devices, new sorts of data (like Artificial Intelligence) are quickly emerging. Thanks to NAE (Network Assurance Engine) components, datacentre infrastructure will be made ready to handle this data flawlessly.
  • Connect everything and everyone: in the very near future, almost all devices will be connected. Decent, strong and secure connectivity will be needed.

To act upon these new trends and challenges, DNA Center Assurance will help simplify the network management, collect and analyse data and increase network performance in a secure way. This will also give the opportunity to act in a more agile way.

Furthermore, Cisco announced the launch of Cisco Container Platform, which is an open and multi-cloud environment that optimizes the deployment of infrastructure in on-premises and cloud datacentres.

Did you know we have our own Cisco Champion in the house? Meet Olivier Ksiazek, our Senior UC Solutions Engineer at Proximus, Cisco Spark Ambassador and of course Cisco Champion. He is one of Proximus’ passionate experts who loves sharing his perspectives.

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