Cepa: digital recruiting at Port of Antwerp

Published on 26/10/2018 in News

Cepa arranges employment at the port of Antwerp. This means they communicate with 4800 dockworkers every day… using an app. Now, how do you keep the data from this many people safe and secure?

Cepa: digital recruiting at Port of Antwerp

Our starter guide explains everything you need to know about building a successful and secure Enterprise mobility strategy.

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Recruiting using an app

Did you know that not all workers at the port of Antwerp have a fixed contract? Many workers are assigned to a new job every day through Cepa. “Before, the workers had to physically check in each day”, says Filip Matton, Organisation Advisor and ICT-Director at Cepa.

With Proximus-partner ACA, Cepa digitalized that recruiting process. Using the new Digikot app, all workers now have access to the electronic portal, MyCepa. Dockworkers can now apply for a job anytime and anywhere. Shortly after, they receive a reply through Digikot from the company in need of employees.

A fleet of tablets

The digitalization of Cepa was more than just about software. The Antwerp port authority put no less than 4800 tablets into circulation. ‘ All Port workers that are working through the recruiting platform were given their own iPad Mini.’ This was a significant investment, but ensure access to Digikot for all port employees.

‘The user base is very diverse, from young to old, and with varying levels of education.’ The tablet and app usage has therefore been kept as simple as possible. ‘We configured everything beforehand. The users simply need to log in with their user name and password to get started.’

Mobile, simple and secure

This digital evolution by Cepa offers many benefits. Both for the company and for the port workers:

  • Less travel
  • More efficient workflows 
  • More fluent distribution of available jobs
  • Automation for the HR department
Thanks to good Mobile Device Management, all the devices are managed safely and transparently.

Filip Matton, Cepa

Securing mobile data

So many employees, so many devices… Impossible to manage, right? Not entirely… Proximus helped Cepa find a secure Mobile Device Management solution: MobileIron turned out to be the best option. It’s simple too, as combining MobileIron and iPad Mini is relatively easy. ‘One type of device can be managed safely and transparently,’ says Filip Matton.

Proximus did more than just provide advice. It also negotiated about the MobileIron license for Cepa. ‘Furthermore, Proximus supervised the security set-up and device configuration. Our own knowledge combined with the expertise of Proximus resulted in swift implementation.’

Do you want to mobile work safely?

To mobile work and avoid problems, your organization needs good strategies and the right technologies. Where should you start? We recommend you take our online test, as you’ll understand the challenges of data security on mobile devices and the possible actions to secure your company data. Thereafter you can read our starter’s guide to see what are the steps to follow to build a successful Enterprise mobility strategy.

You can also immediately call on the help of a specialist: contact Proximus. Together with a Proximus Enterprise Partner in your area, we’ll help your organization make the transition to a more mobile way of working. Like that you can be sure that your mobile working is both safe and secure.

Our starter guide explains everything you need to know about building a successful and secure Enterprise mobility strategy.

Do you mobile work safely?

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