Why did Bureau Pierre Berger choose for cloud telephony?

Published on 07/06/2017 in Customer Stories

Why did Bureau Pierre Berger choose for cloud telephony?

The technical design consultancy Pierre Berger specialises in the engineering and design of technical equipment for large public building projects. They chose the new Call Connect telephony system from Proximus to ensure their team are flexible and reachable at all times.

Building credibility

“We advise clients in various fields, including telecom, voice over IP, data storage and more. Obviously however, for our advice to be credible, we really have to excel in this domain ourselves,” laughs CEO Vincent Berger. 

Easily adjust capacity to the number of users

 “It’s one of the reasons why we felt it was important to modernise our telephone exchange system”, Vincent Berger continues. “The other reason was because our turnover had doubled in 2015, meaning we have had to recruit a lot of new project managers. This often happens in our sector: one year we get lots of big projects and need a lot of staff and then another year there’s less. So I needed a telephone system that could easily adapt to the number of users and the possibilities. Proximus recommended their cloud-based telephone exchange, ‘Call Connect’."

Crystal clear billing

“With our previous operator, the invoicing was very complicated. Our staff had a fixed amount per month and everything above that was invoiced separately. Now I have one all-in package that I can simply adapt depending on the changing number of project managers, including updates and maintenance of the telephone exchange and all communications.”

Everyone is always reachable on the landline

“But even better than the simple administration,Call Connect offers my staff mobility. No matter whether they are in the office or on site, clients can now call them at any time on their landline number. Better still, the project managers can take these calls with their mobiles, too. That means they can be reached far more quickly, which makes cooperation more efficient.”

More freedom, more mobility and crystal clear billing?
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