Canal Z follows the digitization of 10 Belgian companies

Published on 20/05/2019 in Inspire

Canal Z follows the digitization of 10 Belgian companies

Canal Z is broadcasting ‘Z-Digital Transformation’ again this year, a series of documentaries about the impact of the digital wave on Belgian business life. 10 companies show what benefits they get from digitalization.

10 weeks, 10 Belgian companies, 10 digital transformations. In the series ‘Z-Digital Transformation’, television channel Canal Z and Proximus offer you a chance to take a look at the digitalization of Belgian companies. How do they experience the need for digitization and automation? What new technologies have they implemented? And what are the consequences and benefits for the business?

Spotlight on Belgian firms

In the first episodes, Canal Z follows:

  1. Groep Vereenooghe: customers welcomed via one central contact center

    When nine Mercedes garages combined forces, their own contact center was set up: ‘Vereenooghe Interactive Center’. The focus is on a highly personal welcome for customers, geared to the specificity of each of the nine garages. The upgraded ICT and interaction improve the customer experience and the internal working of the garages.

  2. La Lorraine Bakery Group: Panos announces new philosophy

    New Panos flagship stores are spreading the new philosophy of the La Lorraine Bakery Group: improved customer experience geared to preferences and interaction, the product range, user facilities, etc.

  3. Be-mobile & Haven Zeebrugge: ‘Flux’ app for logistics trucks

    Via the app, truck drivers receive messages such as warnings and updates on the situation in the harbor, as well as traffic on all national and international roads in Europe. So the app contributes to an optimal supply chain, more efficient freight transport and safer roads.

  4. Fednot: digitalization of the notary sector in Belgium

    Fednot supports notaries with new technology such as a Secured Notarial Network, videoconferences, sharing tools and more, so that they can serve citizens better.

  5. Heilig Hart Hospital Lier: GDPR in a data-sensitive environment

    Appropriate profiles in the hospital ensure that sensitive data are processed in accordance with the GDPR legislation.

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