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BW Pajottenland vzw now works in the cloud

Published on 26/01/2015 in Customer Stories

BW Pajottenland vzw now works in the cloud

BW Pajottenland vzw wanted to eliminate the worry running their own IT infrastructure brought with it. What about failures? Investing in servers? Updating software and performing back-ups? The sheltered workshop no longer needs to concern itself with this. The answer was in the cloud.

BW Pajottenland vzw offers jobs to people who receive few opportunities in the ordinary business world. The sheltered workshop recruits workers with a handicap and provides them with adjusted workspaces and the necessary supervision. “We are active in social economy,” says director Jan De Kegel, “but we are a real company, not a charity.” With a total workforce of 125 people, BW Pajottenland vzw provides conditioning, packaging and repackaging of products for various retail clients, including Colruyt, Delhaize, L’Oréal, Belmic etc. A team of around 30 employees works in green construction and green maintenance. BW Pajottenland vzw provides green care for the head offices of Delhaize in Asse, the DHL site in Ternat, Miele Belgium in Mollem and the Revalidatieziekenhuis Inkendaal hospital, for example. The company also maintains gardens for private clients and works for public authorities, including for the maintenance of various green zones in Lennik, Aalst and Ninove.

IT plays an important supporting role for BW Pajottenland vzw. The work of the sheltered workshop’s administrative team depends on access to documents and applications, such as bookkeeping, ERP and email. Until recently, BW Pajottenland vzw relied on a local IT environment for this, in cooperation with a local sole trader. “This offered too little security and business continuity,” says Jan De Kegel. “We were responsible for the management and back-ups ourselves and it was unclear how soon we could get help if there was an incident.” BW Pajottenland vzw approached Proximus partner Comcon iXL-iT requesting professionalisation of the company’s IT environment. “We wish to bundle our requirements in terms of hardware, software, network and telecoms with a single partner.” Whatever question BW Pajottenland vzw has, a phone call to Comcon iXL-iT is enough. This brings the company peace of mind. “We view Comcon iXL-iT as our external IT department.”

Always available
Comcon iCL-iT suggested that BW Pajottenland vzw should start using the cloud. “Thanks to the cloud, our IT is no longer a concern,” says Jan De Kegel. “We can now concentrate fully on our core activities and we are always certain of the availability of our applications and data.” BW Pajottenland vzw actually works through the vContainer solution from Proximus. The company’s applications and data are located in one of Proximus’ excellently equipped and secured data centres. For email and agenda services, BW Pajottenland vzw chose Microsoft Office 365. “We no longer have to invest in servers, security, maintenance, back-up and so on. We pay according to use. This means our IT costs are always predictable. We are never confronted with surprises or unexpected expenses. The migration of the mail server through Proximus ICT Expert Comcon iXL-iT went very smoothly.”

Continuity and peace of mind
For BW Pajottenland vzw, the cloud also, and most importantly, offers security and peace of mind. “Our applications and data are safe with Proximus,” says Jan De Kegel. “We are certain that we won’t lose any data. If there is a defect on a machine, Proximus resolves this behind the scenes, without our employees noticing anything.” The cloud also offers a more user-friendly experience in the long term. “You are no longer restricted to a specific location,” Jan De Kegel continues. “Email and other applications can be accessed remotely, including by tablet or smartphone. This allows our employees to cooperate more efficiently, when they are with a client too.”

Business Benefits
  • Guaranteed business continuity: constant access to applications and data.
  • No initial investment in infrastructure: an internet connection is all you need
  • Predictable costs based on use
  • No more concern relating to back-ups
  • No maintenance or upgrades required: you always work with the latest software
  • Energy-saving (no more servers at the company)

Jan De Kegel is a trained accountant and tax expert. He began his career in the finance world. In 2005, he became head of BW Pajottenland vzw.

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