How do you ensure the continuity of your business with your telephone exchange and Voice Managed Services?

Published on 07/05/2020 in Solutions & services

How do you ensure the continuity of your business with your telephone exchange and Voice Managed Services?

The telephone and your telephone exchange are a fast, reliable means of communication. But how do you ensure business continuity in the event of a failure, maintenance, repair work, your staff being unable to go to the office, a crisis, etc.?

Be prepared for peak times and for the unexpected

Suppose your staff cannot go to the office, your customers call but no-one picks up. You lose orders. It is essential that you can always be reached, whatever the circumstances.

Watch the video to see how you can still be reached, even when a failure occurs.

Are your staff unable to go to the office? Are your customers calling but no one is picking up? Are you losing orders? With Voice Managed Services you can still be reached.

Find out how

Business continuity: telephone exchange and Voice Managed Services

With your IP telephone exchange, you can distribute calls in your company efficiently. But how do you ensure the continuity of your business in case of a disruption, maintenance, repair work on your telephone exchange or during a crisis or a strike when your staff can no longer move around? With Voice Managed Services you can organize the distribution of your calls in the cloud based on the origin and time of the calls, you can send out a message, etc.

In one week, Krëfel set up a call center so that all staff can work from home and remain fully operational.

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

With an IP telephone exchange, you can be sure you remain accessible for your customers and staff anytime, anywhere. You can integrate your telephone with IT applications. You can also make your communication more flexible by using tablets, laptops and PCs as softphones via an app. Hybrid or in the cloud? With or without the option of integrating your employees’ mobile phones? You choose the solution that best suits your company.

Working from a distance just like at the office: unified communications in the cloud

With unified communications services supplied through the cloud, users receive applications via the internet so that they can work with the same experience wherever they are. Whether they are at home, on the road or at the office, users can hold audio or video conferences or share their screen and files on their laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. As an option, staff can establish a connection with their CRM or ERP business applications (integration of computer telephony, pop-up with the customer file before answering the call).

A range of possibilities: telephone exchange and Call Center as a service

An IP telephone exchange offers you various possibilities to improve the accessibility of your business.

  • With a telephone menu, you shorten the caller’s waiting times and your operators have time to process the incoming calls.
  • Via auto-attendant / virtual receptionist, every call is put through to the right person or department.
  • If things are extremely busy or in the event of a crisis, you can create a call center in the cloud with Voice Managed Services and have calls sent to your staff, wherever they are (at home, at a distance, on the road).

Failure? Emergency? Forward your lines in the cloud with Voice Continuity

With Voice Continuity, your company is always reachable, even when you suffer a failure or are faced with an emergency, regardless of whether your telephone exchange is on site or in the cloud. Using your MyProximus web portal or the Voice Continuity mobile app, you can forward one or more landline numbers to national or international landline or mobile numbers in a flash. All your incoming calls are then automatically diverted to these call forwarding numbers.

Find out how a telephone exchange with Voice Managed Services can help you remain accessible at all times.

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