The digital workplace

Published on 15/05/2018 in Innovate

The digital workplace

Digitisation keeps on accelerating forward and is now increasingly begun taking over our workplace. As such, our working environment is becoming more and more ‘fygital’: work is no longer something you merely do ‘there and then’, but something that you can do ‘any time and any place’. However, before we get to that point, people, technology and processes must be in tune with each other. This is something IT plays a crucial part in.

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An ongoing digital story

First and foremost, the digital workplace is an ongoing story of ‘more’:

  • More information that can be shared more readily amongst co-workers
  • More means of communication leads to more collaboration
  • More automation and personalization results in more efficiency

The outcome:

  • More engaged co-workers
  • Higher productivity
  • Better results


The productivity of knowledge workers can be improved by 25% through better communication and improved efficiency and effective information gathering.

Source: McKinsey, 2012

Smart digitization also leads to improved operations, also known as ‘operational excellence’. Thanks to continuous data capturing, the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources, machines, and systems can be improved continuously, and yet costs can be reduced. This is an irrefutable way to prove the value of investing in IT. 

The holistic digital workplace


By 2020, 90% of organisations will offer more mobile work applications to their employees.

Source: Proximus

With so many types of technology available, the digital workplace can be hard to fully grasp. But, by using the right strategy and a well-crafted approach plan, the digital workplace is within reach of every business, regardless of size or industry.

Some ingredients for a successful digital disruption:

  • Select the right solution – Different co-workers have different needs. By adequately understanding these, a tailor-made solution can be offered that also meets the requirements of an organisation to reach their objectives.
  • Chose the right service model – Define what needs to stay on site and what can be moved to the cloud. With your partner, analyse what you want to keep in-house and what you wish to delegate.
  • Define your migration scenario – Find the right balance between adding new technology and keeping current activities up-and-running. Ensure everybody gets the right support, information and training. Measure use so you can accurately ascertain the ROI generated by a digital workplace.


… of people that regularly work remotely indicate that they are more productive at home than in the office.

Source:, 2017

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