Can you really be reached wherever you are?

Published on 13/02/2019 in News

Can you really be reached wherever you are?

Where do you use your mobile phone most often? There’s a good chance it’s indoor. It is estimated that 80% of mobile use occurs within the walls of a building.

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In high-tech plants, for instance, the production lines are increasingly run by software or apps on tablets and smartphones. And that takes 4G coverage. But the use of steel and better heat insulation materials for buildings weakens the signal.  Consequence: staff cannot be reached so easily, production lines come to a standstill, etc. And ultimately that has a financial impact.

What is the 4G coverage like?

The quality of our mobile network is measured regularly by CommSquare, an independent company which compares the network performance of Proximus with other Belgian competitors. By the end of 2018, Proximus covered 99.5% of the population indoors*.

How green is the Proximus mobile network?

Our mobile network teams worked on a solution to drastically reduce the electricity consumption of our mobile antennas. Our Mobile Dynamic Power Management system, or Green ICT, allows us to automatically and remotely adapt the capacity of the antenna to the instantaneous traffic load. We can compare it to smart lights in a building which are only active when somebody is present.

What about the call quality from the operators?

The continuous network optimizations allow Proximus to position itself as Best Belgian operator in terms of voice quality as well as for the fastest call set-up.

Regarding mobile Internet, the user experience measured by CommSquare confirms the pole position of Proximus: this is very visible in the YouTube tests where 97% of YouTube videos started in less than 3 seconds!

On the international scene, OpenSignal, which sets the benchmark in customer experience, presented the Mobile Video Experience Award to Proximus for delivering the best Overall Video Experience in Belgium. That’s why ergency services put their trust in 4G from Proximus.

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*Indoor coverage as measured by the independent CommSquare office, which regularly tests the Proximus network. From 07/11 to 28/11/2018, a vehicle equipped with several receivers travelled 10,200 km on Belgian roads, measuring the coverage and quality of mobile networks everywhere.

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