Can you really be reached wherever you are?

Published on 06/06/2018 in News

Can you really be reached wherever you are?

Where do you use your mobile phone most often? There’s a good chance it’s indoor. It is estimated that 80% of mobile use occurs within the walls of a building.

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In high-tech plants, for instance, the production lines are increasingly run by software or apps on tablets and smartphones. And that takes 4G coverage. But the use of steel and better heat insulation materials for buildings weakens the signal.  Consequence: staff cannot be reached so easily, production lines come to a standstill, etc. And ultimately that has a financial impact.

What is the 4G coverage like in your company?

The standard of the 4G coverage in the heart of your building depends on the location and the mobile operator. The independent firm Commsquare regularly tests the coverage provided by the mobile networks of the various operators in Belgium.

About Commsquare

Commsquare, the reference for quality mobile network monitoring, carried out tests and measurements across the country, both in cities and communes and on the road, between 19/02/2018 and 15/03/2018. The results per region are given below:

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