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ANPR against theft

Published on 31/08/2015 in Tech, tips & tricks

ANPR against theft

ANPR cameras (smart cameras with number plate recognition) are now not only essential in the interests of road safety, but they are also used to combat criminality. 

Where ANPR cameras are installed, burglars vanish: the figures prove it. No fewer than 25,000 suspect vehicles (stolen and/or uninsured cars) were caught in Mechelen in the first half of this year. The Geel-Laakdal-Meerhout police zone is also planning to install them on slip roads and along major exit roads (i.e. escape routes) as part of the fight against wandering gangs of thieves. No cameras have yet been installed in the outlying communes of Brussels and here the number of homes being burgled is still rising. Plans are being made for cooperation between various police zones.

One national camera network
ANPR cameras are proving their usefulness but until further notice remain limited to separate areas, such as Mechelen, Turnhout or Dendermonde. According to the mayor of Kortrijk, Vincent Van Quickenborne, greater success could be achieved “if we all used the same system, the same software and the same database. Because after a break-in in Kortrijk, a criminal can be followed by our cameras as far as the motorway. But then we lose him.”

Other mayors advocate a national ANPR camera shield, too. The Interior Ministry and the Federal Police are taking note. The cameras are shortly to be deployed for average speed checks on motorways for judicial purposes.


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