Accountancy firm Thesora takes stock of the cloud

Published on 28/05/2015 in Customer Stories

Accountancy firm Thesora takes stock of the cloud

If, like Thesora, you work with numbers, it is easy to take stock of your own situation. A few calculations convinced Thesora to reorganize their computer infrastructure and migrate to the cloud. Results were soon booked, as the changes enabled everyone to work more efficiently and comfortably.

Thesora, an accountancy firm in Flemish Brabant, has more than 20 employees. Last year they decided to get rid of all their expensive computers, leaving the employees with just a simple laptop. The central servers disappeared and were replaced by cloud computing. But why? Paul Speeckaert, partner at Thesora explained: “Our decision was based on financial motives. We are very good at calculating how much our investments yield. When we were considering switching to the cloud, we discovered that this could produce significant savings. We have now switched and I can confirm that the financial return is very good indeed.”

SME in the Cloud
The first step was to find the right cloud solution. In consultation with their permanent IT supplier SCS Computers, the management board of Thesora opted for Proximus’ ‘SME in the Cloud’ solution. The various accountancy programs used by Thesora’s customers, such as topACCOUNT, Exact ProAcc, Microsoft Office and Syneton Admin-IS, no longer run on their own servers. Thanks to SME in the Cloud, server hardware, security and back-ups are all taken care of. “The SME in the Cloud-partner also took care for the connections and specific applications so that everything worked perfectly,” said Patrick Dubois from SCS Computers, “including the integration of the applications of the Federal Public Service Finance, namely Bizztax, Finprof, Belcotax and Taks-on-web.”

Everything central
The move to the cloud has meant peace of mind for Thesora. Paul Speeckaert: “Now, we only have to take care of our laptops, everything else happens elsewhere. We no longer have our own servers with expensive service contracts, no own back-ups and no archives that we have to worry about. The costs of IT use have also become clearer, thanks to the fixed monthly fee.” The switch to Proximus’ cloud solution has generated both financial and other benefits. “Of course, it’s always great to reduce costs,” said Paul Speeckaert, “but the main benefit is that we now work more quickly and comfortably. Our employees do most of their work on the client’s premises. Now they no longer have to copy information before they leave and they can’t forget documents anymore. Everything is stored centrally in the cloud and all they need is an internet connection to access anything they need at any place.” Thesora can now offer their clients better service. Paul Speeckaert: “If we are with a client, we always have all the information on hand and this allows us to work more efficiently. If a client asks us to check something quickly, we know where to find the information. The benefit of such advantages is difficult to calculate, but satisfied clients remain clients and that has enormous value.”


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