Absolute legal guarantee: the data stays in Europe

Published on 05/09/2013 in Customer Stories

Absolute legal guarantee: the data stays in Europe

In order to allow employees to recover their company data at all times, the company Keonys chose PC Backup Advanced, a cloud-based solution from Belgacom.


For many companies, sufficient backup is a vital necessity. It has to be reliable, and available 24 hours a day. That’s why Keonys chose PC Backup Advanced from Belgacom. Founded in mid-2008, with headquarters located in St-Cloud, France, Keonys is a spin-off of the French company Dassault Systèmes, which has a branch office in Waterloo. With a presence in France, the Benelux region and Germany, the company is the main distributor of PLM solutions from Dassault Systèmes. This is software chiefly designed for product life-cycle management, from the conceptual phase through design and manufacture. Examples include software for design, digital prototype creation and virtual assembly, as well as 3-D printing. “Our clients are subcontractors for companies such as Renault, PSA,” explains François Bonnafous-Boucher, CIO at Keonys. “When, say, automotive clients are preparing new models, the solutions we offer can help them, for example, to develop the chassis, the gearbox or the embedded systems. We are also active in sectors such as aeronautics, space and defense, engineering and innovation consulting, transport, energy and industrial machinery.”

Capacity problems

Although Belgacom already had Dassault among its clients at the time Keonys was created in 2008, the contract was slightly to large to match the needs of the spin-off. They were looking for a new supplier. “During the first year, we used the services of a much smaller supplier, but we had quite a few problems,” recounts François Bonnafous-Boucher. “Their solutions lacked flexibility, and the management and administration were difficult, plus there were capacity problems… So we were again looking for a different supplier.” With highly specific requirements: 5 GB storage space in the cloud for each of the 130 users, for a total volume of almost a TB. Given its small size, Keonys was using relatively slow SDSL lines. The overhead for the backup software therefore had to be as low as possible. What’s more, the system had to be easy to implement and to use. “It’s based on this wish list that we began exploring the market again in late 2009… and once again contacted Belgacom. In early 2010, we decided to choose one of their solutions, the PC Backup Advanced.”

Mobile team

“The Keonys sales team is extremely mobile,” explains the CIO, “which means that they face highly specific challenges. Our employees always work from a laptop, which offers many advantages, but also brings some risks (getting dropped, theft, damage…). That’s why we need to be sure of being able to recover data at any time,” points out François Bonnafous-Boucher. “By then there were 160 users so we wanted to have a volume of 1.8 TB. The change took place without a hitch. We place great importance on the fact that our data is safeguarded in Europe. We need to have the capacity to respect the our clients’ confidentiality clauses regarding data. Belgacom helps to make this possible.”


“This infrastructure comes at a price, but it is certainly worth having the guarantee, security and peace of mind that it brings,” considers François Bonnafous-Boucher, thanks to the guarantee that our data is stored in Europe.

Company Profile

Keonys is a spin-off of Dassault Systèmes and sells software for Product Lifecycle Management. Active in four countries, the company has a workforce of 166 employees and, in 2012, booked a turnover of 53 million euros.

Business Benefits
  • Absolute guaranteed data recovery
  • Data stored in Europe
  • Foolproof solution: the system functions completely autonomously; the user does not have to set any parameters.
  • Intelligent back-ups: duplicates and old files are not stored in the cloud.
  • Pay as you go: a monthly price per user

More info?
Surf to the Belgacom website if you want more information on the solution Becloud PC Backup Advanced.


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