How 5G stimulates cocreation and applications

Published on 09/11/2023 in Solution news

5G is being deployed and is becoming more and more accessible. That was one of the core messages of the Proximus NXT event organized on 12 October 2023 in collaboration with A6K, a multidisciplinary center created in Charleroi in 2020 to stimulate innovation and value creation in the field of engineering. On the agenda were testimonials, practical cases and demos of emerging applications for our businesses.

How 5G stimulates cocreation and applications

A tech ecosystem with over 50 partners

In just 4 years of existence, A6K has had a number of projects. That’s because this multidisciplinary center has always had a clear ambition: to cocreate tomorrow’s products and services through shared experience and committed partners. “We want to be a genuine innovation accelerator ecosystem and to rank as a European leader,” explains Abd-Samad Habbachi, CEO of A6K. Many companies have already recognized this, because starting from fifteen partners at its creation, A6K now has around fifty.

By cocreating and combining 5G applications, we create value for businesses.

Frédéric Renette, 5G Business Development Lead at Proximus NXT.


Proximus as driving force

5G has a special place in this vision. And Proximus NXT has a facilitating role. “5G lets you transform your business to stay competitive,” continues the A6K CEO. Four basic cornerstones of the technology must be considered: a greater bandwidth (the volume of data continues to grow), the reduction in latency (to 10 milliseconds), connectivity (for increasing the number of devices), and network slicing. “By cocreating and combining 5G applications, we create value for businesses,” continues Frédéric Renette, 5G Business Development Lead at Proximus NXT.

Goodbye to defective machines

As a good example, let’s take a look at the I-care Group, a company active in predictive maintenance for HVAC systems. Thanks to 5G sensors, it can now offer better performance in data management and analysis. “In particular, we’ve been able to increase the number of these sensors in the Industrial sector by a factor of 100,” explains Thomas Di Pietro, R&D Director.

A ‘Tetris’-style inventory thanks to drones

ID2MOVE has tested the power of the technology in managing industrial stocks using drones and AI. The company was able to capture, identify, scan and measure the level of stocks and transfer this vast amount of information in real time thanks to an efficient connection. The solution includes a private 5G network that guarantees very high performance and data security.

In the thick of the news

This 5G private connection has also won over the RTBF network by ensuring the quality and stability of its live audio and video streams, whether it’s for news broadcasts or for events like ‘Viva for Life’. “5G technology offers us stability in addition to saving resources (cabling, installation, etc.),” explains Cécile Gonfroid, general manager of Technologies and Operations at RTBF.

Improved communication

The technology also facilitates all forms of remote communication, whether it’s for remote assessment services using an assisted reality headset at Contraste Digital or for mission-critical communication at Airbus. 5G opens up new opportunities, increases functionalities, and optimizes fieldwork.

The all-seeing eye

With 5G, the smart cameras in public spaces are entering a new era. “We no longer spend our time looking at images in real time. The cameras become real IoT sensors that analyze metadata and send us timely notifications,” explains Joost Bergmans, Solutions Manager at Proximus NXT. With support from AI and 5G, it’s also possible to analyze the occupancy of a location, the behavior of passers-by, or the conditions on our roads in real time.

A private 5G network is a dedicated mobile network to meet the needs of a given organization. It offers greater guarantees in terms of bandwidth, lower latency and more security than the public networks, which translates into better performance, greater reliability and greater efficiency. It is therefore ideal for companies seeking to implement advanced applications such as augmented reality, industrial automation, autonomous vehicles and many others.


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