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Did you know...by Johan14/12/2015

What preoccupies you as independant entrepreneur or small business owner? What keeps you awake at night? What would you like to know or understand better? On what topics could you use some advice?

There are lots of issues that keep you, and hundreds of thousands of other business customers just like you, preoccupied. That’s what customers tell us when we talk to them. So we try, on a daily basis, to provide the products and services that fit your needs and take away at least some of your concerns.

But we do more : about six months age we started publishing a range of blog articles every week on a variety of topics that, we hope, are close to your world. From inspirational articles to tips about mobile working, calling abroad or your e-shop. From gadget and mobile device reviews to small facts about marketing or social media. And all of that with a definite SME flavour.

But there’s always room for improvement! That’s why we’d like to ask you what we could do better : where can our blog help you? Which topics are interesting to you? What would you like to read?

Let us know via our short blog survey . Your answers and comments will help us keep delivering articles that help you in your daily business.

Thank you in advance

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