How to use your voicemail in 6 easy answers

by Dirk and MarjanDid you know...07/12/2016

How to use your voicemail in 6 easy answers
Listening to or leaving a voicemail message. We do it almost on a daily basis. But what if your voicemail comes on too quickly and you miss out on important calls? Your Proximus voicemail has a lot of possibilities. We’ll show you how to use them.

  1. How can I set my voicemail?

    Before people can leave messages on your voicemail, you have to do the necessary set-up. And that’s easier than it sounds. Just dial 1969 on your phone and choose your language (Dutch, French, German or English). Then leave your name or a personalised greeting of up to 60 seconds. As a final step, you’ll choose your personal pin code of six to eight digits… done! You can always adapt your settings afterwards via 1969. Or do things like choosing whether to hear the date and time of voicemail messages when you play them. So remember the number: 1969!

  2. How can I listen to, delete or save messages?

    Most messages on your voicemail can probably be deleted instantly. But you might want to keep some as well. Just call you voicemail on 1969 (the old 1230 also still works) and choose option 1 to give your messages another listen and to save or delete messages. You can also answer with a message, forward the voicemail or auto-callback the caller. But, in order to do that, you have to activate these setting in option 3 of the voicemail menu and change your mailbox settings. More info on this page.

  3. How do I know I have a new voicemail message?

    We have three ways of notifying you you have new messages. Per standard, we’ll send you a text message with the number of messages and the number of person who last called you. You can also choose to get a call on your mobile phone or another phone, your fixed phone for instance. You can set these preferences yourself in your mailbox settings. 

  4. How can I use my voicemail when I’m abroad?

    Of course you can also use voicemail when you’re abroad. Just dial +32 475 15 1969 and enter your phone number and your voicemail pincode. You’ll pay the price of a standard call from abroad for calls to your voicemail.

  5. I’ve lost my voicemail code

    So you forgot your voicemail code? Don’t panic, you can easily get it back or change it by calling #145# on your mobile phone. You’ll get a text message with your code. If you want to change it, go to 1969 (option 3 and then option 2). And again, don’t choose combinations that are too obvious, like your date of birth, 123456 or 111111. Those last examples are refused anyway.

  6. What if my phone switches to voicemail too quickly?

    There’s a very neat trick that many people don’t know about: you can set how long your phone rings before it switches to voicemail. To set the timing, you need to enter a special code and the number of seconds. You can find all the info here.

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Have any more questions about voicemail? Check your voicemail FAQ.

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