Smartphones for small businesses: iOS, Android or Windows?

by Proximus Bizz teamBe inspired07/07/2015

Smartphones for small businesses: iOS, Android or Windows?
How do you choose your smartphone? Aside from style and budget, one of the main determining factors for a mobile device is the operating system. Computers usually run on Windows or Mac OSX. With smartphones, matters are a bit more complicated. An overview.
1. iOS

The iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch operating system. Al the devices synchronise seamlessly and they are very intuitive and simple to use.There is a massive amount of apps available for iOS, and all of the need to be approved by Apple first, which greatly enhances security.

2. Android

By far the most popular operating system for mobile devices, which means there is an impressive amount of apps available. The system also allows a lot of tweaking and adjusting by the user. And that is also its main disadvantage. It might be a bit more complex to use and a bit more sensitive to security issues than its competitors.

3. Windows Phone

The mobile version of the well known Windows operating system and very similar in look and feel. That also allows for easy synchronisation between devices and makes for a very gentle learning curve. Unfortunately, there are less apps available than for iOS and Android.

4. BlackBerry

The BlackBerry is perfect for entrepreneurs that have a lot of email traffic. But there are relatively little popular apps available and it's also less performant in many key areas than its competitors.

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