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How to make smart use of SEO for your business

Published on 10/09/2018 in Tech, tips & tricks

How to make smart use of SEO for your business

Anyone who is involved with creating or managing a website knows what we’re talking about: SEO or Search Engine Optimization. What exactly is SEO? And why is it important? Frederik Vermeire of WiSEO explains.

As high as possible in Google?

SEO is often described as the art of being as high as possible in the Google search results. “That’s a good goal, but in my view it’s got nothing to do with it,” Frederik Vermeire laughs. “SEO is mainly about making yourself visible to your target group and attracting quality visitors.”

The right keywords

You want Google to find your website interesting? You’ll have to optimize your website’s structure and content according to the parameters of the search engine. Search words are an important part of this, Frederik explains. “Hold a brainstorming session as to which words are important for your website; look at what the competition is doing; read relevant blogs and see which terms pop up there. Like that you can improve your website: add the right words to the texts and use alternatives and synonyms.”

Frequently used search terms 

Also important: check which words generate the most traffic. Most entrepreneurs use the Google Keyword Planner for this. That’s an online tool that they can have access to if they spend a certain amount on Google AdWords. There are a few alternatives, both paid and free, such as and BuzzSumo.

Concrete titles and headers

You need to use the right search words not only in continuous text, but also in titles and headers. Search engines even give a little more weight to keywords in titles than in continuous text.

Carrying weight 

Google uses hundreds of parameters to determine the ranking of a website. “Clearly, there are some basic principles that you should adopt”, says Frederik. “For example, it is important that the structure and the technology behind your website are correct. The easier or more logical your website construction, the easier it is for the ‘crawler’, the Google search robot, to chart it.”

Landing pages

For instance, it is best to keep the landing page simple and to the point, so visitors can find what they are looking for straight away. Google also appreciates it when surfers can bring in a lot of content themselves, just like when you exude authority in your specialist field, and other websites link to you. It’s things like that that push your ranking up.

Use internal and external links

Something else that’s important: the internal linking on a website. A large website may have lots of it. “It’s via these links that Google knows whether a page is important or not,” says Frederik, “you have to deal with this well.” Make sure that the internal links are relevant so that your visitors end up in the right place.

Frederik Vermeire studied IT. He began as a programmer but then became interested in websites and digital marketing. After ten years as an employee, he recently founded WiSEO, a company that helps businesses meet their SEO requirements. He has just taken on his first employee. Frederik also teaches SEO in colleges, training centers and through in-company training courses.

No time? Too complicated? Do you prefer not to do it yourself? Take a look at Our experts are ready to create and manage your site. And also to make your site SEO-proof, so customers and prospects find you in search engines.

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