Tested: the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Dual Sim

by JohanDid you know...30/08/2017

Tested: the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Dual Sim
Samsung recently demonstrated its heavy-weight status in the top segment yet again with the Galaxy S8. But in the less expensive mid-range category, too, the South Korean manufacturer makes great phones. The Galaxy J7 2017 Dual Sim, the successor to the J7 introduced last year, is the best proof of this.


The Galaxy J7 2017 Dual Sim keeps to the familiar Samsung design, with its rounded edges and comfortable feel in the hand. There is still a real screen edge top and bottom, but the sides edges are wafer-thin, a feature that the J7 inherited from far more expensive smartphones.

It gives the device a clean, modern look. Because it is made entirely of aluminum, it feels like a top-class product, too. At the back, the antenna lines are deliberately clearly visible, but that’s not a problem. On the contrary, we thought it was a nice design detail.


One of the best decisions Samsung took about this phone is to equip it with an excellent AMOLED screen. It measures 5.5 inches (diagonally) and has Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), but above all, the lovely, saturated colors and the deep black values stand out.

The clarity is very good, as well. You can use this phone perfectly well outside at the highest setting, even in bright sunshine. Thanks to OLED technology, the phone can show the clock or display notifications in stand-by, without the battery suffering too much.


One of the few areas where you notice that the J7 is not a top model is the camera. It is equipped with a sensor with thirteen megapixels and takes more than decent photos, certainly when there is enough light. But it does not have a double lens, like the Galaxy S8 or the LG G6, for instance.

There is no optical image stabilization, either, so there is a bigger risk that your photos will be blurred if the light is poor. That said, in daylight you can take detailed shots with lovely colors and little noise.


This year Samsung equipped the J7 with a 3,600 mAh battery. That is about ten per cent more than last year’s model. With a full battery, you can easily get through a whole day before you have to recharge. However, there is no fast-charge technology to recharge the battery in a flash. Nor can you replace the battery yourself.

Processor and multimedia

Samsung has given this J7 an Exynos 7870 chip. This chip and its graphic unit are exactly the same as last year’s J7, but it has to drive four times as many pixels. You won’t notice much in common applications, but if you like to play heavy graphic 3D games on your phone, this will reach its limits from time to time.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Dual Sim

“The Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 Dual Sim is a great mid-range smartphone thanks to the modern look and saturated colors of the Full HD AMOLED screen.”


  • Attractive, modern look with virtually no side edge
  • Excellent OLED screen
  • Adequate battery to keep going for a whole day
  • Dual Sim phone
  • No double camera, no optical image stabilization
  • Chip limitations obvious when playing games

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