Transform your old smartphone into one of these 7 gadgets

by JohanBe inspired01/02/2018

Transform your old smartphone into one of these 7 gadgets
Technology is developing at lightning speed. So, you started off the new business year well and bought or received a new smartphone. It’s a pity to see your old phone end up on the scrap heap. If your dear son or daughter can’t do anything with it either, you can convert it into one of these seven handy gadgets.

  1. Remote control for your computer

    With the right software, you can convert your old device into a remote control for your computer. All you need is Unified Controller app and a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. With the free version you have a mouse and a keyboard. For € 4.39 you get specific functions as well. To operate the slideshow in your presentation, for instance.

  2. Security camera

    Security does not have to be expensive. Direct the camera in your outdated phone at your office façade or front door. Download IP webcam for Android or iPhone and follow the instructions. In no time at all you can keep a digital lookout via your web browser. The app even has motion detection and a record function.

  3. Digital alarm clock

    You can make a holder for your device and put it on your bedside table. There are a few apps that can turn it into a nice-looking clock. Night Clock for Android, for instance, or Nightstand Central for iPhone. This app plays your favorite wake-up or go-to-sleep music. Another handy feature: the torch function that is activated when you shake the iPhone.

  4. Window on the world

    Is the view from your office window not exactly fantastic? Google’s EarthCam streams live webcam pictures from across the world. Take a breather with a view of the ocean, Niagara Falls or Times Square… a tap on the screen carries you away from the daily grind. 

  5. Full-time video phone

    Install your favorite video chat platform: Skype or Google Duo, for example. Find a suitable stand to hold your phone and direct the camera so that you are well in frame. With a little creativity, you can brighten up the picture with a plant or a few accessories. Now you can be reached permanently on your videophone.

  6. Digital Calendar

    What if you’re on the phone and you want to consult your digital calendar? Why not use your old phone as a diary. Go for the internal calendar on your smartphone or install apps such as Google’s own Agenda app and the free Cal app from Any.do. This one has great graphics, too.

  7. Game computer

    One to relax a little. If you prefer not to fill the memory of your new phone with gigabytes of games, you can upgrade an old device to make a portable arcade hall. Puzzles and other simple games can give you lots of fun on your smartphone. Among the best: The Room, Monument Valley, Hitman Go and Super Mario Run.

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