Why professional websites deliver more customers

Published on 20/08/2018 in Inspiration

Why professional websites deliver more customers

A company website can be a virtual extension of your business. Each time a new visitor lands on your website, it’s another opportunity for you. Not only to make a good first impression, but also to convince this person of the value of your product or service. Much like you would for a real live visitor. In this article, you will read why your business really needs its own presence on the internet.

Your website: a good first impression guaranteed

What does your company offer? Where is your business located and what are your opening hours? Before potential customers get in touch, they’ll want answers to some of these important questions. Your website will therefore often be the very first point of contact for your business.

A good web page will ensure you look like a professional even before the customer has set foot in your premises. This first impression is a great starting point to turn an interested visitor into a customer.

Your website is also useful to people that already know your business. It is where you can share your services and products, announce promotions and aggregate all the important practical information relating to your company. The result? A customer that keeps returning to both your website and your business.

Your business needs a professional website

Why do you need a professional company website? It’s simple: because if you don’t have one, you’ll miss out on potential customers. Let’s look at Bert, a roofing specialist from Gent, as an example.

  • Bert’s customers look online first. If the roof is leaking, a Google search will help them find a roofing specialist quickly. Preferably someone local. Now to reach these potential customers, Bert must at least have a website.
  • A website is handier than a phone! Which is easier to remember: www.roofingspecialistbert.be or 0800 22 500?
  • Your business has opening hours, but your website can be reached day and night. Bert’s potential customers can always find the answers to their most pressing questions about his business.
  • Good SEO will lead more customers to the website. In so doing, Bert not only reaches the people that search for “roofing specialist Bert”, but also the 590 people looking for “roofing specialist Gent” on Google.
The strength of your website

A website is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Your site can convince a new visitor of your strengths in a heartbeat.

This is most certainly true in competitive fields (like transport, construction, care or accommodation and horeca), where a good website can be the deciding factor for a visitor. As soon as they land on your pages, you have an opportunity to showcase the fact your product or service is the best choice.

Furthermore, a website is the perfect tool to expand your target audience. If today, most of your clients live in your neighbourhood, a well designed website can help change that.

You don’t have a great website? You are guaranteed to miss out on customers. Too bad, especially since it has become easier than ever to have a new website built.

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