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Your phone exchange: do more with these 5 simple tips

Did you know...by Johan12/05/2015

Calls, call transfers, even chats... a modern phone exchange can handle it all, and more still. And what's more, you can fit out our Forum 500/5000 phone exchange to suit your exact needs. That way, you'll always have the perfect solution at hand for your company, especially even you take these 5 tips into account.
1. Use transfers and never miss another call

Every call that goes unanswered is a missed opportunity. "It's simple," says Eric Bluart, taxi driver, "if a line is occupied, I might lose a potential customer. Now I'm confident that customers always get a person on the phone." For his taxi company, he has installed a Forum 526 exchange to transfer calls to other drivers or to put calls on hold.

2. Better collaboration

If you're working with colleagues, you can automatically transfer calls whenever someone is not in the office. With the individual voicemails, you can always check which calls you've missed and respond to them.

3. Communicate via your PC

It's not always easy to get a hold of colleagues, but a phone exchange allows you to do more than just call. It's easy to check, via your PC, whether a colleague is available and reach out to her by phone, chat or e-mail. Of course, video-conferencing is an option as well.

4. Not at your desk? Use cordless phones

Not everyone is always working from behind a desk. With a cordless phone, you can alway be reached, where-ever you are in your company. You can also integrate your applications and other systems, such as alarms, to keep taps on what is happening via your phone.

5. Use your CRM system

Link your CRM system to your phone exchange and you can immediately check a customer's data when he calls. Fast and up-to-date.





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