5 tricks every Word user should know

by JohanDid you know...15/05/2017

5 tricks every Word user should know
Although almost every computer user has it installed on its machine, Word is a program that has scores of unsuspected possibilities. Even for seasoned users.

We have selected five handy tricks that you may not have known Windows could do.

  1. Using macros

    A macro is a series of orders and instructions that you can “teach” Word so that frequent tasks can be carried out automatically at the push of a button. 

    In the English version, go to ‘View’, ‘Macros’, ‘Record Macros’. First give your macro a name and assign it to a button or a shortcut on the keyboard. Now you can “record” the steps. Enter the keys for each task that you want to carry out automatically. Word saves the mouse clicks and the keys pressed. You can retrieve them again later with the button or shortcut you have chosen. 

    A typical macro is to print one page from a long document that would otherwise involve clicking four or five times.

  2. Adjusting how frequently your work is saved automatically

    When you work on a Word document — or any other Microsoft Office 365 application — the program will automatically save it so that you don’t lose valuable work if there is a power outage, for instance. You can set the frequency of these back-ups yourself. The default setting is ten minutes, but if you go to ‘File’, ‘Options’, ‘Save’ you can easily change this to five or even one minute. 

  3. Encrypting important documents

    Sometimes documents containing sensitive information are typed in Word. Particularly in a corporate environment. You can encrypt such documents with a password so that they cannot be read without authorization. 

    To do this, go to ‘File; ‘Info’; ‘Protect Document’; ‘Encrypt with Password’. From then on, Word will request the password each time you wish to open this document. 
    It is a good idea to first protect your Android device, iPad and iPhone or PC

  4. Compressing pictures in documents

    Do you often use photos and pictures in the documents you prepare? They can take up a fair amount of memory. So it is a good idea to ‘compress’ them or make them smaller. Particularly when you want to send the document by e-mail. Of course, this does not make the photo itself smaller, but it does reduce the amount of space it takes up on your hard disk. 

    To do this, click on the photo in your document and go to ‘Picture Tools’, ‘Compress Pictures’. If you intend only to view the document on a screen, then 96 or 150 ppi is sufficient. If you want to print it, select 220 ppi. 

  5. Choosing the default save location for your Word documents

    With the default settings, Office 365 usually saves your documents in the ‘Documents’ folder of your computer. However, many users prefer to put them somewhere else, such as the desktop. You can customize this in ‘File’; ‘Options’; ‘Save’. Under ‘Default file location’ you can browse to your favorite place that Word will use from now on. 

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