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Mobile Internet: how to choose between wifi, 3G and 4G

Did you know...by Proximus Bizz team08/06/2015

Surfing on your smartphone or tablet can come in very handy, but do you know the difference between wifi, 3G and 4G? We make it easy for you with this short introduction.
Wifi: private or public

Via a wifi-network you can use mobile internet within the area covered by your modem, inside your offices, for example.
If you want to surf outdoors on your smartphone or tablet, you can use so called ‘wifi hotspots’: wireless networks that are available in public places such as cafés, airports and shopping malls. These networks can be public or private, free or paying. The only thing you need is the right mobile device.
Proximus and FON have combined to offer you free access to the biggest wifi-community in the world. You share a small portion of you home or office wifi- network, completely secured of course, and in return get access to the wifi-networks of all other members.
In Belgium, you can already use 1 million hotspots. Abroad, FON offers you access to no less than 13 million hotspots across Europe.
Have a look here and get started right away.

3G/4G: via  the mobile phone network

Mobile internet via 3G or 4G uses the regular mobile phone network. Your device’s SIM card gives you access to internet everywhere in Belgium and abroad. The ultra-fast 4G is the Rolls Royce of mobile internet at this time. Proximus’ 3G network covers the whole of Belgium, while 4G is already available to more than 85% of the public.
So what do you need to surf via 3G or 4G? All you need is a compatible device (3G should not be a problem, but not all devices at this time can handle 4G) and an internet or mobile phone subscription that allows for mobile internet. As Proximus customer, a certain mobile internet volume is already included in your internet subscription and in most mobile phone subscriptions.

When to use wifi, 3G or 4G?
  • In the office or at home: use your own wifi network
  • Outdoors or in a public space: check if wifi hotspots or a free open wifi network is available. If not, use your 3G or 4G connection to surf mobile.
  • Outdoors and on the road: best to use the 3G/4G network.
  • Abroad: check for wifi hotspots or free open wifi networks in your aread. If there are none available, there are various options to surf cheaper abroad. Have a look at our roaming options.
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Proximus Bizz team

A team of more than 40 experts bringing independent entrepreneurs and small companies the best ideas and solutions for their needs.

A team of more than 40 experts bringing independent entrepreneurs and small companies the best ideas and solutions for their needs.

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