Running your business from home? 6 tips that are guaranteed to help you

by Proximus Bizz teamBe inspired30/06/2015

Running your business from home? 6 tips that are guaranteed to help you
Want to start a webshop for wool or jewels? Working as a caterer for children's parties? Or are you an independent translator? There are many enterprises that you can start from your own living room.

Starting small and close to home has its distinct advantages: lower investment needed, save on your commutes and have more time to concentrate on your customers. From our discussions with your fellow entrepreneurs, we took away these six tips.

1. Discipline

Nothing beats being your own boss, but your most important mission as an entrepreneur, especially when working from home, is to get self discipline. Tools like to do-lists or agenda apps can help you manage.

2. Don't forget your leisure time

When your work is lying there on the kitchen table, it's very hard not to get going at once. But you'll have to find a way to resist the temptation of working all the time. Planning for leisure as well can help you do that. You'll be a lot happier and you'll see you end up with more fresh ideas and more energy to tackle your job.

3. Fix your office hours

Plan with your homemates (and perhaps even with customers) when you're working and when you are not. Customers can call during your office hours, and family members can wait for your free time to kick in before coming up with chores and questions.

4. Set up your home office

Create your own little space where you can run your business from. That might be an office, your garage or even just a corner of the kitchen. As long as it's separated from your family life.

5. Get outside

Homeworking has a lot of advantages, but also one big disadvantage: loneliness. Why not plan lunches with your friends, go for a half-hour jog in the park every day or take your business to a co-working space or (wi-fi equipped) coffee bar once in a while.

6. Use all the tools you can get

Starting a business in itself is challenging enough. So be sure to use all of the apps, workshops and tools that other people provide. Like Microsoft Office 365 to share files with customers and co-workers. Or management software for larger projects, modelling software for your designs, or even social media to stay connected and stimulate your communication.

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