How do you find a good freelancer?

by JohanBe inspired07/06/2018

How do you find a good freelancer?
We’re evolving more and more toward a freelance economy; that’s not surprising when you take a look at the advantages. But where do you find these freelancers?

Why freelancers?

Freelancers are flexible and can get to work fast. They’re also good at their job because they have a lot of experience with different clients. They’re always 100% committed, because they must prove themselves again and again. In addition, it’s useful to bring in a fresh point of view that solves problems in new ways now and then.

Where do you find them?
  • CreativeSkills.be

    Here you find some 25,000 creative, technical and management profiles. They’re looking for jobs in the creative industry: the communication sector, the advertising sector, with a startup, or if you want to develop mobile apps, websites and even VR applications. Just as on a regular jobsite, you must pay to post a freelance job. 

  • Freelancer.be

    Freelancer.be lists more than 8700 freelancers and over 8800 jobs. Placing a job is fast and free; according to the site you receive about eight reactions to this on average. You get a CV with portfolio and references for every candidate. Here too the range of jobs is very wide, from building websites through developing apps to translation work and copywriting.

  • FreelanceNetwork.be

    FreelanceNetwork incorporates a database with over 28,000 freelancers and almost 24,000 jobs. The procedure is similar to that for the other sites; clients browse among potential candidates or post active jobs. These jobs can only be viewed by freelancers with a paid subscription.

  • Opdrachten.be

    Opdrachten.be is an originally Dutch site that brings together clients and freelancers. Most services here, just as for the other sites, are free for clients. And here too the range of services offered is very broad, from accountants and translators through graphic designers and web designers to software developers and communication professionals.

  • Social Media

    Of course you can also use social media to snap up a freelancer; Facebook, for example. Or LinkedIn, although then you can only e-mail him or her directly with a paid account. Often however you also find other ways to contact them via LinkedIn. Naturally quite a few freelancers are also active on Twitter. The advantage there is that you can reach them with a simple tweet.

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