7 FAQs about your Proximus invoice

by Dirk and MarjanDid you know...30/11/2016

7 FAQs about your Proximus invoice
Your Proximus invoice contains a lot of information. So what can you find on your invoice? How can you consult your usage online? And where to go when you have issues? Read on for all the right answers.

  1. What can I find on my invoice?

    A lot! Your address and the invoice date, to start off with, but also which type of subscriptions you have and how many call minutes, text messages and data you used in the past month. So an invoice is also a great instrument to check whether your current subscription still matches your needs. We also list all the one-time costs (like an installation or activation) and all charges by third parties (such as SMS Parking, etc.). And last but not least, you find the amounts you need to pay for all of these services. Want to know more about the details of your invoice, check this page.

  2. How can I check my usage, invoices and payments online?

    Just one place to go: our MyProximus site or app. Via MyProximus you can check all of your invoices, charges and payments online. You can also find all the details of your paper invoices: your subscription and call-, text- and data usage. Of course you can download all your recent invoices in PDF format. 

  3. Can I change my invoice address online?

    Want to have your invoice sent to another address? No problem! You can easily manage that via MyProximus. Scroll to ‘Invoice Address’ and fill in the new details. You can also have the invoice sent to a P.O. Box or add another name (name of a business or person, for instance). We’ll check the changes you made and will have them active within 5 days. Are you moving? Let us know online, preferably at least 4 weeks in advance. We’ll call you to arrange your move and new installation.

  4. How can I request, change or stop a direct debit?

    Payment by direct debit is quite handy. If you’d like to start a direct debit, go to MyProximus and click on ‘MyInvoices.’ Enter your bank account number and check the numbers you’d like to direct debit separately. Do you have more than one invoice per month for your Pack, landline, internet or TV? In that case your direct debit choice is valid for all of those. Want to stop or change your direct debit? A quick call to our customer service will do the trick. But be sure to keep your latest invoice handy. 

  5. How can I get my invoice via e-mail, Zoomit or Bpost?

    In an earlier article, we already explained the advantages of electronic invoices. They are faster, handier and clearer than paper versions. You can also request to have yoru Proximus invoices electronically. Or, if need be, you can also switch back from electronic to paper invoices. The place to be, at the risk of becoming repetitive, is MyProximus.

  6. How can I confirm a late payment?

    Did you lose sight of your invoice and paid a bit late? It happens to everyone, right? The most important thing is to let us know immediately so we can avoid services being halted. The “MyInvoices”-section of MyProximus gives you an immediate view on your invoices and also allows you to enter a payment confirmation. This is valid for customers with an internet, TV or landline subscription. If you only have a mobile number and no other subscription, there is no way to add your payment confirmation. In that case, it’s best to contact our customer service.

  7. How can I contest an invoice or follow up a complaint?

    To err is only human. So it’s perfectly possible that you don’t agree with your invoice. MyProximus lets you notify us of this. We’ll keep you informed on your complaint’s progress through e-mail and you can also use MyProximus to check the status. 

More questions?

Head over to the FAQ Page on our customer zone. It will give you an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Pending availability, you can also have a quick live chat with our support people. Just click the chat at the right-hand side of the page and enter your question in the text box.

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