MyProximus: 4 things you should really know

by Dirk and MarjanDid you know...02/12/2016

MyProximus: 4 things you should really know
Have you used our digital customer portal on MyProximus yet? You can find all your recent invoices, manage your subscriptions and much more. Read this short FAQ and check how you can register and get going.

  1. How do I register for MyProximus?

    Registering on MyProximus is quite easy. You need four things: an e-mail address (this will be your user name), the date, your customer number (9 figures) and and activation code (8 characters). If you only have mobile subscriptions, then you’ll use your mobile number as user name. The customer number and activation code can be found on your welcome letter or your most recent invoice. If you only have mobile subscriptions on your invoice, you’ll find your customer number (8 figures) at the top. Having trouble registering, then head here for more help.

  2. How can I bundle all of my products in MyProximus?

    If you put all of your subscriptions and the accompanying invoices in your existing MyProximus account, you’ll also be able to enjoy sercives such as Bizz Club and Smart WiFi. You’ll also need your customer number and activation code for this. Note: you can only do this if you actually manage your accounts, and not if you’re only a user. On MyProximus, account managers can manage all the subscriptions in your company that have the same customer number (internet, mobile, TV, landline, ….). “Users” (i.e. your employees) can only see their own mobile usage.

  3. How do I get the MyProximus app?

    MyProximus doesn’t only come as a web site, but also as a great smartphone app (for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android) that you can download for free in the Apple, Google and Windows app stores. A nice feature is that you can check your data usage and your invoice amount. Do you have issues using the app? Does the reported usage seem off to you? Check this page for solutions. Can’t find what you’re looking for, then contact our customer service.

  4. How do I change my MyProximus login or password?

    To change your login or password, you should go to…. you guessed it: MyProximus. Head over to ‘My Account’ and edit your details. Note: your password has to be minimum eight characters with minimum four letters and minimum one figure. If you’ve forgotten your password or login, you can also reset them online.

More questions?

For more questions and answers, head over to our FAQ. You can also use our live chat to contact our customer support directly. 

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