6 FAQs about your email

by Dirk and MarjanDid you know...23/01/2017

6 FAQs about your email
Email is without a doubt one of the most used online tools.

But where and how exactly should you install email on your PC or smartphone? And how do you create and save extra mail addresses? And how do you recognise phishing mails? Our FAQs point you in the right direction. 

  1. How do I set up email on my phone or tablet?

    If you have a smartphone, it’s very likely you’ll want to use it to read and send emails. But just how you set up email on your device depends on the brand and on the operating system it uses. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be! Use our online tool to select your device and follow all the steps to set-up your email.

  2. How do I set up email on my computer?

    Setting up email on your PC or Mac is quite simple. Choose your favourite email tool and follow the steps we’ve outlined. You’ll be sending out emails inside of ten minutes. 

  3. How can I save email addresses in my electronic address book?

    If you save your contact's email addresses, you can email them easier and faster. If you make a so-called distribution list, you can send a mail to all the people (i.e. your best friends or your colleagues…) on that list. 

  4. How do I create or delete an email address?

    You can create up to five email addresses that all end up in the same mailbox. If you no longer need a certain address, you can simply remove it. Follow these easy steps and get it over with in no time. By the way: you can also create extra mailboxes, for your partner or children, for instance. The number of mailboxes you can create depends on your internet subscription. 

  5. How can I spot a phishing mail?

    Email is great, but of course you need to be careful: with phishing mails, for example. These are emails were some impersonates an employee of Microsoft or your bank or..., and asks for personal details (your password, client number, …). Never do that. But how do you spot phishing mails? And what to do when you get mails like that? You can find the answers in our phishing email FAQ.

  6. Help! I can receive mails but I can’t send any…

    This is someone that tends to pop up now and then: you can receive mails but you can’t send any yourself. Start sending mails again with these tips.

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