Display screens in your store? 5 ideas.

by JohanBe inspired08/11/2017

Display screens in your store? 5 ideas.
Having display screens in your store brings scores of advantages: they attract shoppers’ attention quickly and easily and offer a great many creative possibilities for inventive communication. And they are effective: research shows that the average purchase price per customer rises by almost 30% in stores that are equipped with this type of screen. So what can you do with them?

  1. Pleasant shopping experience

    One important application is, of course, to keep your customers informed. Short films that explain specific products (“How do you prepare a success barbecue?”, “Where do these vegetables come from?”, “How is this car made”?) provide a pleasant shopping experience and help to highlight the brand values of your company.

  2. Congratulations, you are the 100th customer!

    The security camera screen at the entrance to the store is a standard feature. Now this screen has been made interactive and can display customized messages. Think for instance of welcomes (“You are our 100th customer today. Your gift is waiting for you at the information desk!”), real-time announcements (“Free wine tasting at our wine stand”), the opening times, photos of staff members, alarm messages or directions to show the way quickly.

    It is even possible to fetch information from external sources and for instance show the local weather forecast or the timetable of the nearest bus stop.

  3. Webshop in the store

    More and more stores are integrating their webshop into their physical stores. Via touch screens and information booths, customers can look for information or order products on line.

  4. At the cash till: values and standards

    Screens are increasingly appearing at the cash till, too. There is no point showing special offers or actions here. After all, the customer is on the point of paying. Instead, these screens can be used to tell customers about the values of the company or the people behind the scenes. That way, you can highlight the image of your company.

  5. For the little ones

    One final interesting application is, of course, the interactive children’s corner. While parents can shop in peace, their little ones amuse themselves with interactive games or cartoons.

    Interested in display screens in your store? Take a look at the possibilities of digital signage!

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