Coverage in every corner of your business

by Proximus Bizz teamDid you know...23/05/2016

Coverage in every corner of your business


A mobile network in your shop or office makes work a lot easier, except in those little spots where you just can’t get a good connection. Fortunately, there are ways around that.

Signal disruptions

No connection on your smartphone, web pages that load at snail’s pace and video conferences that go completely haywire… The reason why signals can’t get through is often a question of basic physics. Wifi and mobile network signals come straight from your router or cell tower to your pc or smartphone. Concrete walls, glass, metal and water, electronic devices and even your neighbours’ wifi can create havoc on those signals. 


Get your router out in the open

If you’re faced with a bad wifi signal, the first thing to try is to put your wifi router as centrally as possible in your office. Preferably in plain sight, so don’t hide your router in a cupboard. If that won’t work, for practical reasons, you can try and change the standard channel of your wifi router. Check our support pages for a quick overview or have a look at your router’s manual. And, while you’re at it, check your router frequency. Does it use 2.4 or 5 Ghz? A lot of devices are set for 2.4 Ghz. If your devices support 5 Ghz, then don’t hesitate to switch to this, less-used, frequency. To check which channel is suitable for you, you can use apps like Wifi Analyzer (Android), Network Analyzer (iOS), Wifi Signal (OSX) or InSSIDer (OSX and Windows). These apps will show your signal strength in negative numbers (where -20 is better than -50). If you choose channels, it’s best to select those that don’t overlap, like 1, 6 and 11.

Plugin wifi

If this doesn’t help, you can turn to an extra bit of hardware to boost your wifi signal. With a powerline adapter, for instance. You need two of those: one for your router’s power socket and another in a socket in the area where you have poor reception. The internetsignal is transported via your power grid to the powerline adapter and is boosted from there on. Cheaper versions are available. These don’t broadcast your wifi signal, but you simply plug in your pc or laptop to get the coverage you need. 

Mobile Network

Makeshift solutions

Moving a cell tower to get a better signal is slightly impossible. So best thing to do is to go looking for a good connection yourself. Try windows or higher floors, if possible. Or step outside, because reception is usually better outdoors than indoors. If you have a weak signal, its best not to move about too much.
Try a different network mode as well: most devices nowadays let you choose between 2G (cellphone), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE). And if that doesn’t work: restart your phone completely.
But of course, these are just makeshift solutions that don’t tackle the wider issue.

An extra 200 square meters

A better solution would be to install a Mobile Coverage Extenderon your Proximus modem. This will give you 200 square meters of extra coverage with perfect 3G quality. Up to 4 people can simultaneously phone and surf on the extender. The call and surf volume you use this way are handled as usual via your subscription or prepaid card.

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