3 - How do you make good content?

Published on 06/07/2018 in Your stories

3 - How do you make good content?

These nine 9 tips will help you make good content: choose what you want to achieve, choose the form of your content, don’t always talk about yourself, make content that is useful for your customers, publish your content on the channels that your customers use, always put your content on your own website as well, work with a content calendar, be patient and above all: stay yourself.

Through its employees, its specialty and its products, every company has many stories and lots of useful information or content that consumers are able to benefit from. How do you get that content up? Where can you publish it? And how do you use it for more visibility, more customer loyalty, a better image, etc.?

Part 3: How do you make good content?

Michel Libens is the founding chairman of Custo, the Belgian federation of Content Marketing agencies and co-author of the book 'Content Marketing'. He is also CEO of Propaganda, one of the leading Content Marketing agencies. Propaganda has been developing Content Marketing strategies for Proximus for more than 10 years. In a five-part video, he elaborates on how self-employed workers and small businesses can benefit from Content Marketing.

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