The ‘cloud’ demistified

by Proximus Bizz teamBe inspired04/06/2015

The ‘cloud’ demistified
So you’ve taken a beautiful photo on your smartphone and you’d like to use it in a presentation you’re making on your laptop. But you don’t really want to send yourself an e-mail and you don’t readily have access to a smartphone cable? With the cloud, you store all your files and data in 1 central place. That’s a first bonus, but there’s more...

The cloud is a virtual storage area for all your company information – customer data, orders, invoices – but also for you holiday pictures, movies and music. All you need to access and share your information is an internet connection. This will give you access at any time and on any device – your PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet – to all your documents. You determine who gets access to you cloud. Very easy for yourself and your co-workers, because anyone with access can always review the latest version of the files you are working on.

Foolproof back-up
The cloud doesn’t only let you store information securely. You can also make automatic back-ups of your PC. Via your internet connection, the cloud keeps continuous and multiple copies of your data. That means you’ll never again lose important data, not even when one of your devices crashes.

Servers in the cloud
Do you have a computer network based on a central server that connects all of your employees’ PCs? Then you are well aware of the cost and investments of such a setup, not only in purchase, but also in maintenance and updates. Save yourself the cost and worry. Back-up your server in the cloud and, when you need to upgrade or renew your server, use the cloud as an alternative.

You only pay what you need
Need 10GB, 100GB or 1TB of storage space? With your own cloud, you only pay exactly what you need. That is, excuse the pun, putting a silver lining on your cloud.

Interested in the cloud? Head over to www.proximus.be/cloud for all the details.

If you’re already a Office&Go customer, you immediately get 10GB storage space for free!

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