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Calling without counting? Obviously!

Did you know...by Johan26/05/2015

Customers and colleagues expect you to be available at all times. In the office, in your car, on the shop floor and at home. In the morning, during the day, and preferably also late in the evening. So it’s important for your business to choose a fitting solution where you only pay what you really need. We’ve lined up a couple of possibilities for you.
No Limit Fix to Mobile: calls to all mobile numbers in Belgium

Philip is an architect. He’s on the road a lot but for Martine, his office co-worker, a fixed line is an absolute must. She is constantly calling contractors and builders on their mobile phones. With ‘No Limit Fix to Mobile’ Martine no longer has to wonder whether a mobile call would be cheaper than a fixed line call. She can call, almost without limit, from her work space to every mobile number in Belgium.

No Limit National: calls to fixed numbers and free in a Pack

Bert has been a self-employed and work-from-home designer for years. He is continually in consultation with his editor and printer and wants to be able to call them without worrying about cost. With ‘No Limit National’ – included in all Bizz Packs – he can call fixed numbers around the clock without a single worry about running up call charges. That saves him a lot of time and money.

No Limit International: call abroad

Christopher, an independent product manager with frequent calls to colleagues and customers abroad also gets a rate tailored to his needs. He no longer has to wait for off-peak hours to make his calls and cut costs. Het combined the fixed line option “No Limit International” with his Bizz Pack so he benefits from an extra discount..

The right solution for you

Are you unsure what the best option would be for you? Ask your Bizz Expert. He’ll be happy to tell you, for free, what the perfect solution is for your needs.

Or have a look at proximus.be/bizz for convenient tools that allow you to check the best solutions for your business.





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