These pro gadgets bring you closer to your network

by Proximus Bizz teamBe inspired24/06/2015

These pro gadgets bring you closer to your network
You want to stay in touch and be available to your customers and suppliers? These three gadgets bring you closer to your network.

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Having difficulties reaching every corner of your office with your wireless network? The Wi-Fi Extender offers an extension of your wireless network via your electrical cabling. That requires an Ethernet adapter and the accompanying Wi-Fi Extender. Plug the adapter into a socket and link it to your modem. Then simply plug the Wi-Fi Extender in a socket somewhere where you have limited wireless access and you're done. Both devices will connect over your electrical cables and your Wi-Fi reach will be expanded. You can find Wi-Fi Extenders in your nearest Proximus Center.

The watch that does it all

The Samsung Gear S is the smartwatch that looks most like a Bond gadget. With the Gear S, you can call and text directly from your watch. Of course you can also play your music or look up the weather forecast. Fans of the Galaxy S5 will love the Gear S's design and you can use various Samsung smartphones to manage apps on your watch. Another great feature: quickly and easily see which incoming emails you get without having to take out your phone.

Two-in-one for professionals

Durable and mobile, that's the HP Pro x2 1011 G1, a combination of tablet and ultrabook from HP's Professional line. This high-end device has everything you need to work wherever you want: an Intel Core M-processor, two batteries for longer battery life and Windows 8.1 Pro. The optional and robust keyboard is great for use as an ultrabook, but the optional Wacom pen really takes performance to a higher level. It allows you to make quick sketches and write notes directly on the touch screen. The HP Pro x2 1011 G1 is yours for  € 1.649  excl. VAT

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