How Fab & Ken survived their Wi-Fi woes

by JohanYour stories25/09/2017

How Fab & Ken survived their Wi-Fi woes
It’s been 7 years since Ken De Sutter decided to fly on his own wings and landed in the Dansaert area of Brussels. He quickly established himself as a hairdresser and was joined 3 years ago by his partner in crime, Fabian Defraire. Two colourful characters who managed to get a friendly salon going where conviviality, tolerance and friendship are more than just words.

And, speaking of words… replacing their modem’s password proved to be quite a challenge. But they’re still Proximus fans, and we love them right back…

Human and generous

“What I love about this business is the creativity, even for a simple hair cut, but especially the human side of it,” Ken tells us. “Our clients are a great mix.”

Every Sunday before Christmas, the salon and their clients get together to provide a little extra for those in society that are less fortunate: “Fab and I do their hair for free, we hand out clothes and food our clients bring us. And they’re queueing up outside every time!”

Every client is unique

Fabian goes for dry cuts, Ken prefers to work on wet hair. Aside from that, both gentlemen share a passion for their trade. To them, every customer is unique. And even though they’re fully up to date on the latest trends, they pride in finding the hairstyle that is exactly right for every customer’s personality. Tailormade service, indeed. And that’s why Ken appreciates Proximus as well: “ They offered me a solution that exactly matches what I need.”

“I opted for a Bizz Pack, the right choice for me”

Following the advice given by his Bizz Expert, Ken opted for a Bizz pack with internet, fixed and mobile telephony. “When I’m not here, I transfer calls to my mobile phone. I can even play my fixed phone’s voicemail on my smartphone. That’s really good.” And internet is important to their customers as well: “They want to be able to read their mails while their new colour sets.”

Loyal Proximus customers since forever

Just like his customers, the hairdresser is very loyal. “The service is excellent. With Proximus, you never have any surprises, everything is clear and you can count on getting quality.” Ken adds: “I want a solution that works, so I can concentrate on my customers. And that’s what I have no. So why would I change?”

“I’d rather cope with hairdo’s than Wi-Fi problems.”

Everything went well for the pair… until the day they wanted to change their Wi-Fi passwords. “We called the Proximus helpdesk for assistance, but that didn’t do the trick. We simply couldn’t get the rotten password changed. So whenever customers asked for the password, we we’re in Wi-Fi hell. Because the existing password was really complicated, something like H3jg8x!v4Qp.”


Fortunately, Ken’s Bizz Expert was able to fix a rendez-vous with a Proximus technician. He’ll do a complete and free check-up of their whole installation and all of their devices. And he’ll see to the configuration and security of their modem. Problem solved!

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