5 tips to work without worry when abroad

by Proximus Bizz teamDid you know...26/09/2016

5 tips to work without worry when abroad
Do you know how to call when abroad? And preferably without high roaming costs? How do you keep cybercriminals away from your phone? We’ll give you 5 tips to make sure you can work effortlessly while abroad.

  1. Does your phone work abroad?

    Before you start your trip it would be a good idea to find out whether your phone will actually work. There’s only a small chance that it won’t, but best to make sure. Proximus has agreements with hundreds of telecom operators all over the world, from Sweden to South Africa and from the US to Japan. Just be aware that you’ll pay roaming charges if you want to call from abroad. Those are costs the foreign operator charges for the use of their network. The charges have decreased significantly in recent months, and, at least for Europe, they’ll be eliminated completely as from June 2017. But in other countries, they’ll still exist. 
    Click here for a handy overview of what calling will cost you at your various destinations.

  2. Get a roaming option

    It’s usually a good idea to activate a roaming plan before you leave. Those plans are actually international options you activate on your subscription. They’ll give you cheaper rates to surf, call and text. Proximus has a range of plans on offer. Daily Travel Passport is one example. For €1.65 per day in Europe (€4.13 a day in 35 popular destinations world wide) you can call for 20 minutes, send 20 text messages and use up 80 MB of mobile data to surf. Prices are excl. VAT, and you only pay for the days that you actually use the option.

    If you’re away for more than a few days, or if you travel regularly, the regular Travel Passport might be more suitable for you. For €10/month (excl. VAT) you get 200 call minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB of mobile data. That’s a good sight cheaper than most normal roaming rates. Other plans exists, of course. For travelers who like a lot of call- and surfvolume, or for customers who only want additional data. Click here to check all the available options. 

  3. Secure your data

    If you want to surf abroad, you need to keep safe and secure. Make sure your phone is locked with a pincode or fingerprint swipe. That way your data stays safe should your phone get lost or stolen. A lot of smartphones nowadays have the option to automatically wipe all of your data if the wrong pincode has been entered a certain number of times. Another tip? Use your name or (alternative) phone number as a screensaver. That way, if someone finds your phone or laptop they can contact you.

  4. Be careful with public WiFi-networks

    Be careful when you surf on public WiFi-networks. In coffeeshops or stores, for instance. The security of these networks is often haphazard. So make sure never to tap or use information that others shouldn’t see. You’re probably used to having some sort of antivirus arrangement on your laptop, but these tools also have their place on your phone. So use them if you can.
    Of course you also need to avoid plugging other people’s USB-sticks into your laptop because they could hold malicious software. If you want to surf securely, you can use the FON-network, of which Proximus is a member. Click here to check how that’s done. Securing your device (and your data) is easy with Norton’s Mobile Security.

  5. Take the right charger

    On a closing note: make sure you carry the right electrical plugs and sockets. Did you know there are about 20 types of plugs in use world wide? Check this web site to find out what you need exactly. Of course you can be smart about it and use USB ports on TV’s and DVD players in your hotel room to charge your devices.

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