4 tips to tweak your smartphone to your liking

by Proximus Bizz teamDid you know...25/10/2016

4 tips to tweak your smartphone to your liking
A ping every time you get a Facebook message, a slow-charging battery, unwanted ads… A smartphone can seem pretty dumb at times. With these 4 smart (and perhaps less obvious) tips, you can make your smartphone do what you want.

  1. Set notifications

    Of course you like to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but that ping that comes with every new tweet or post can quickly become obnoxious. Fortunately, there’s a way around this.
    On an iPhone, go to Settings and Notifications and you can set a different (or no) notification for every app on your phone. On Android phones, go to Settings, Sounds and vibration and then to Notification settings. This also allows you to tweak notifications to your liking.

  2. Fast recharge a dead battery

    A small but useful tip for when you’re stuck with a dead battery and you want to recharge as quickly as possible: put your phone in Flight Mode when your plug it in. Granted, you won’t get any calls and you can’t surf on the internet, but by blocking all your communications, your phone will charge faster.
    On an iPhone you can access Flight Mode by swiping up and pressing the airplane icon. On Android you need to swipe down and tap the icon.
    Just don’t forget to turn Flight Mode off again when you’re good to go! 

  3. Disable ad tracking

    Lots of smartphone apps provide details about your phone (or yourself) to third parties so they can offer you “personalised” ads. Could you do without that? Then, on a iPhone, go to Settings, Privacy and Advertising and Reset Advertising Identifier.
    On Android, go to Settings or Google Settings, tap Ads and then opt out of personalised ads. 

  4. Adjust screen brightness

    Your smartphone’s screen, in standard mode, will offer a maximum of brightness. Comes in handy when you’re using the phone in harsh lighting conditions (direct sunlight, …), but it’s a bit hard on the eyes when you’re in darker places (like your bedroom, …). More than that, screens are notorious battery guzzlers. So it might be better to turn your screen down a bit, or to let it choose its own brightness, depending on the environment you’re in. On an iPhone, go to Settings, Display and Brightness and use the slider to set your preferred brightness. Or tap the Auto-Brightness button to let your phone decide for itself.
    On Android, the exact wording differs per phone brand, but there is usually some type of Display menu under Settings. This will also give you the option to choose an auto-setting.

You can find more tips & tricks for your phone or tablet here.

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