4 great calling tips for your smartphone

by Ann and MatthiasBe inspired13/10/2016

4 great calling tips for your smartphone
As an entrepreneur you like to stay connected (most of the time) via your phone. Or perhaps not always. When you’re giving an important presentation, for instance. To make sure you don’t miss any important messages and don’t get disturbed at the wrong moments either, we’ve listed 4 smart settings for your phone.

  1. Adjust number of rings

    Are you always just slightly too late in answering your phone? Or does the ringing go on for longer than you’d like? That’s not a problem because you can easily adjust the ringtime for your phone.
    Simply tap **61*+32475151516**Numberofseconds# and press the call button. For Numberofseconds, you can use a value like 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30. If you’d like your phone to ring for 20 seconds, just type in **61*+32475151516**20#. 

  2. Immediate transfer

    Would you like to transfer all your calls to your voicemail or another number, without your phone ringing? Type **21*Phonenumber# and press the call button. Replace Phonenumber by the number you want to transfer the calls to, ex.: **21*+32475123456#. 
    To deactivate this option, simply type ##21# and press the call button.

  3. Answering calls with a quick text message

    If you can’t answer a call but you want to advise the caller that you’ve seen the call coming, you can use a pre-formatted text message to decline the call. Things like: “Can’t answer now” or “I’m driving”.
    When you get a call on an Android phone, don’t press the green phone icon, but the text message icons. The exact location, unfortunately, depends on your phone brand. For Samsung, for instance, you have to swipe up. On a Sony, you need to press “Answering options”. After that, you simply select the text message you want to send. On an iPhone, you select the message icon to choose a text. 
    These texts are pre-formatted, but you can easily draft your own in your phone’s settiings. 

  4. Exception to Do Not Disturb

    From time to time, you need to put your phone on Do Not Disturb to handle your business. But did you know you can add exceptions to this and let certain calls through? On an iPhone, simply go to your settings, tap ‘Do Not Disturb’ and then ‘Allow calls from’. This lets you take calls from contacts in your favorites list. On an Android phone you need to swipe down, choose Do Not Disturb from your settings, and follow the menu options to choose what type of calls, alarms or messages you’d like to receive.

You can find more tips & tricks for your phone or tablet here.

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