4 apps to remember

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4 apps to remember
Busy, busy, busy. That is the lot of every entrepreneur and small businessperson. Hundreds of things to do and, especially, not to forget.
These 4 apps will help you go a bit easier on yourself.
1. Remember everything with Trello

With Trello on your device you always have your own whiteboard and to do list in your pocket and you’ll manage your projects, workflows and even your shopping list without effort.
Trello is tremendously simple and very flexible. You create whiteboards for all your projects or lists and add notecards to them. You can even upload photos and videos.
Because Trello syncs to the cloud in real-time, you can access your boards anytime and anywhere. More even, you can share your boards with employees or colleagues so you’ll always be up to date on the status of each project, who is working on what and what the next steps are.
Of course there no reason why you can’t put personal or fun boards up as well.
Trello is available for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

2. Save great content for later with Pocket

How often does it happen that you see an interesting article or video, but you really don’t have the time to read or watch. That’s where Pocket comes in handy. This amazingly popular app allows you to, very simply, store articles, videos, images and more to check them out later.
And you can even access them when you’re momentarily offline. Pocket doesn’t only let you store things you find around the internet, you can also catch interesting content directly from more than 1,500 apps. And, sharing is caring after all, when you’re done, you can easily send links to other Pocket users and to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and even email.
You can get Pocket on Android, iOS, Kobe and your favourite web browser.

3. Air Sharing turns your iPhone into a hard drive

Suppose you are going somewhere where you know you’ll have next to no network, but you still want to be able to continue working and reading your documents on your iPhone or iPad. Enter Air Sharing.
Air Sharing lets you use your Apple device as an external hard disk. Just connect, download all the documents you want, and you can go about your business. But Air Sharing does more.
When you’re back in network range, you can connect to PC’s, link to Dropbox or Google Docs, print over networks and much more. And of course you can share your documents with others via the cloud. Air Sharing can handle a whole range of file formats from iWork and Microsoft Office, but also PDF, RTF, the standard iPhone video- and audioformats and many more.
Air Sharing is only available for iOS.

4. Back to zen with Headspace

If Trello, Pocket and Air Sharing really keep you going, then it’s very important to take a short break from time to time. That’s where Headspace comes in to get you back into the zen-zone.
Headspace is a great meditation app that’s very handy when you’re not very familiar with meditation yet, or you just want to give you brain a breather. A few minutes with Headspace and you’re back on track and in focus.
In the free edition, you get access to 10 sessions of 10 minutes with soft voices and great animations. If you’re keen for more, the paying version offers hundreds of hours of meditation, both guided and unguided.
Of course you can also track your progress and view your stats. Even Emma Watson is a fan, and who are we to disagree with her. Available, in English only, for Android and iOS.

Do you know of any good apps you’d like to share with us? Let us know via the comments.

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